Ricky Martin: this is the particular relationship he has with Enrique Iglesias

Although their styles are not very similar to each other, Ricky Martin Y Enrique Iglesias they are two contemporary artists, and both are part of the select group of most important Latin artists of recent decades. And although their careers have taken different paths, a bond of friendship has always united the two talented musicians. To the point that it was not entirely surprising that Ricky Martin Y Enrique Iglesias They will announce a joint tour in the future.

With 50 years already fulfilled, Ricky Martin is older than Spanish Enrique Iglesias (who turned 48 on May 8). Beyond these two years of difference, they are contemporaries and began their artistic careers practically simultaneously. In fact, it is known that they came to share flights for their presentations and on some occasions Ricky Martin Y Enrique Iglesias They posed together to take pictures with their fans. But how do the two musicians really get along?

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