Rieti focuses on healthcare with the PNRR: “Two more hospitals, renewed De Lellis, new structures and a real Faculty of Medicine”

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(by Giacomo Pasquetti) A shower of funds on Lazio and Reatino with the PNRR (or National Recovery and Resilience Plan). First of all the health care with two new Hospitals of Community, the renewal (or the reconstruction) of De Lellis, six Community houses (or Health), three points sanitary territorial, two Rsa public. In the background, the implementation ofuniversity in Rieti with the establishment of a real university. Presenting the fate of the funds that pass from Europe to the Government and then to the territories, three representatives of the Democratic Party: the president of the Budget Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Fabio Melilli, the regional councilor for Reconstruction and Work, Claudio By Berardino and the president of the Budget Commission of the Lazio Region, Fabio Refrigeri.

The regional councilor Refrigeri reports some data: “The news are the result of decades of work. In healthcare we had a few dozen new workers year and the highest number of temporary workers. A concrete proposal has arrived for the use of funds of the Pnrr: in the health sector we will realize 6 Community Houses (or Case della Salute), 2 hospitals of Community in Fara in Sabina and Poggio Mirteto, e 3 sanitary points territorial. The investments concern the upgrading of existing structures, materials and health personnel. Furthermore the renewal, until the 2022, of the determined contract for all operators sanitary who were hired in the difficult covid period “.

The commissioner By Berardino he continues: “The relationship between institutions has been very important to obtain these results. They are the result of a vision we have of our capital. We are humbly doing important things; construction sites, projects and administrative acts that have taken place and that are in evolution “.

The deputy dem and president of the Budget Commission Melilli he states: “Col Pnrr la health care returns to be everywhere in the province. With this plan we pass from the centrality of hospitals to that of their territory of belonging. Community houses will be capillaries and they will bring health care back to people. Another goal is that of technology, we are seeing with the Sapienza and the Region if this territory can lend itself, for example, to telemedicine. A final point to focus on is the management ofseniority; the Region wants to change the model of social assistance. The Region is arguing for this on two new Rsa that will be public and not private. We will make up for a gap that lasted two years ”.

“An addition to the ‘new’ Rieti hospital – continues Melilli – We are slow, but I think by December we will close the race and by June we will be able to contract out the funds for the hospital. The new focus of the Universities of Tuscia and of Wisdom for the territory it also passes through the clinicization of the hospital ward. There Faculty of Medicine it could become a reality. We fund university research for this. The Rieti hospital must be attractive throughout the Central Apennines or it will have no reason to exist. The ‘old’ hospital of Rieti will be completely renovated, and here we believe we have found the availability of Commissioner Legnini with well over three million ”, he concludes.

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