Rihanna and ASAP Rocky return to Los Angeles, with baby

One day in New York, the next day in Los Angeles… From the height of his 3 months, the son of Rihanna and ASAP Rocky follows his famous parents in their travels. On Sunday August 14, the young parents were spotted arriving on the West Coast, as they got off their private jet. And it is under good guard that the infant made an appearance in his seat.

Cap on her head, Rihanna appeared in her comfortable outfit, followed by her companion, rapper ASAP Rocky. Well surrounded for this return trip to Los Angeles, the couple was accompanied by an assistant, a bodyguard responsible for holding the baby with the mysterious first name and a second henchman responsible for the luggage.

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Two days earlier, the two artists had already made a notable nighttime appearance in New York. All smiles in her wide thigh-high boots, complete with a micro skirt and an XXL brown hairstyle, Rihanna seemed in great shape alongside the one who has shared her life for more than a year. Before they struck up a romance and started a family, the 34-year-old singer and the 33-year-old rapper were longtime friends. ASAP Rocky had indeed assured the first part of Rihanna during her Diamond World Tour in 2013.

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Parents since May, the two artists would do very well in their new roles: “Being a new parent is of course an adjustment, but they are doing very well. Their baby boy is healthy and Rihanna is just in awe of him,” a source told People magazine. “Rihanna barely leaves him. She’s a fantastic mom. She wanted to give birth in LA because she has a big house with a garden. She likes to sit outside with her baby. A big house that she has just found.

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