Rihanna as a couple: who is the singer’s husband?

She has had a career in music since the year 2003. Apart from the said profession, she also officiates as an actress, stylist and Barbadian businesswoman. Internationally, Rihanna is well known. She represents one of the biggest stars having obtained enough prizes in the musical universe; which makes her the wealthiest of female singers. It must therefore be understood that Rihanna leads a successful professional life. Apart from this life, there is also his private, even sentimental life which interests more than one in two of his fans. The rest of the guide tells us more about this.

Rihanna is in a relationship with ASAP Rocky

For some time, Rihanna appears daily alongside a face that is not unknown to the general public. This is ASAP Rocky, the man with whom she has been in a relationship since May 2021. Thus, it must be understood that after her breakup with Hassan Jameel, Rihanna found love with rapper ASAP Rocky . The two form today a couple of stars; which couple is approved and appreciated not only by the fans of the two stars, but also by the paparazzi. On the site elle.fr, we can read that the two stars will soon be parents since Rihanna has been pregnant for months and is almost at term. Immense joy can be seen on the faces of the two future parents who constantly share snapshots on the various social networks.

Who is ASAP Rocky, Rihanna’s boyfriend?

ASAP Rocky, whose full name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers, was born on October 3, 1988 in New York City. He is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and model. The latter, well known to the great known is the man who shares the life of the famous singer Rihanna. The two lovebirds have been living together since 2021 and are already expecting a child. They are very happy and you can even feel it in the words of the rapper when he says on the site parismatch.com that Rihanna is the love of his life.


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