Rihanna back in the studio, the new album finally on the way?

Last weekend, Rihanna was seen three nights in a row in a recording studio in Los Angeles. The images, of course, made the rounds on social networks. It must be said that the Barbadian last released an album six years ago with Antiwhich accommodated several tubes like Work Where Love On The Brain.

His future album, baptized R9 by his fans, takes time, too much for some. It must be said that Rihanna has become a businesswoman with various brands that she manages, particularly in the field of lingerie and cosmetics, without mentioning her new role as a mother. His companion, A$AP Rocky was also seen in the same music studio as Riri. The rumors did not wait: will the two parents propose a record together?

Anything is possible, especially since a year ago, Rihanna said of this album: “You don’t expect what you’re going to hear. It’s going to be totally different. Put it in your head. Everything what you know about Rihanna won’t be what you listen to. Music is like fashion, you should be able to play with it. I want to dress how I want and I treat music the same.”

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