Rihanna becomes the youngest self-made billionaire in the United States!

Rihanna number one! The singer, originally from Barbados, takes the first place among self-made billionaires in the United States!

From nothing to achieve wealth estimated at $1.4 billion : Rihanna has done everything! The singer, who has just returned to Barbados to raise her son, is the youngest self-made billionaire in the United States. MCETV explains everything!

34 years old, billionaire: what a success!

Because the star is only 34 years old. Yet we have the impression that she has been selling hundreds of thousands of albums for years. Since the beginning of 2022, she has sold more than 200,000 albums. All while taking the time to become a mother for the first time.

And if the singer has decided to be a little more discreet for a while with A$AP Rocky, the media do not forget it. Especially since she has just broken a record. An iconic record, since it was held by Kim Kardashian.

Indeed, the star, lawyer, entrepreneur (among others) joined the club of billionaires at 40 years old. A record that caused a stir last year. But the ex-wife of Kanye West will not have been able to enjoy it for a long time. Because Riri has arrived.

Kim Kardashian thus held the first place of the youngest “self-made women” who became a billionaire. But Rihanna has just overtaken her… six years ahead of schedule. Making it an even greater icon in the United States.

The figure of the “self-made man” is an integral part of US culture. A culture made up of “pioneers”, starting from scratch and who have succeeded. This explains, for example, the huge gold rush that the country experienced in the 19th century.

Rihanna: where will she stop?

While the singer from Barbados just made his first public appearance since the birth of her little one, her fortune has made headlines. It must also be said thatshe succeeded in everything by disembarking from an unknown island : Barbados.

adored at home, she is going back there to raise her son. Rihanna is the pride of her island, to the point of having been named ambassador. And if she has never hidden her love for her island, and her desire to return there, the United States really wants to attach her.

Because she has indeed succeeded in making a sensational entry into this closed club of the richest people in the world. According to the latest estimates, his fortune thus amounts to 1.4 billion dollars. The whole, thanks to a meeting that changed everything for her.

Indeed, Rihanna had not planned to leave Barbados. But producers on vacation saw her sing. They then gave her an appointment in a hotel, so that she interpreted them other songs. Rihanna has just been born into the world of music.

When she was only 15, producer Evan Rodgers takes him to discover New York, sing… And the phenomenon is suddenly gaining momentum. We are in 2005. 17 years later, the star can already look in the rear view mirror with emotion.

Young mother, the youngest American self-made woman, the 34-year-old singer continues to chart her course. While keeping Barbados in a corner of his head, and in a corner of his heart. A true model of success as the USA likes them.

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