RIHANNA, BEYONCE, AMY WINEHOUSE | Parents who take advantage of their children’s fame

Before his children rose to fame (and in many cases not even after), virtually no one knew who he was. Ronald Fenty. Or Jamie Spears. O Mathew Knowles. If today these names are known to part of the public, this is exclusively due to the fact that They have known how to use the popularity that their descendants have obtained for their own purposes. And, generally, in a selfish way that has rarely redounded to the benefit of their children.

Rihanna He denounced his father a few years ago, ronald fenty, assuring that he had used his name so that the entertainment company of which he is a co-founder would be favored. In addition, he made public that Fenty had signed contracts for several concerts in different parts of the American continent, in addition to saying that he was the manager of the singer’s brand, Roc Nation.

Something even worse happened to Amy Winehouse. Mitch Winehouse he was an absent father for much of the artist’s life, but when she achieved success, he immediately reemerged to use that fame to launch his own music career. Not content with this, he forced the singer to carry out promotional and marketing activities that she did not want to do and filmed a documentary about her life, in which harsh images appear. A good example is the visit that Mitch paid to her daughter when she was on the island of Saint Lucia in a detoxification clinic due to her addiction to drugs. The man, neither short nor lazy, took the singer after assuring that he was fine and that she did not need any more help. It later became obvious that his goal was solely for Amy not to cancel several concerts that were scheduled to take place shortly thereafter. The artist died in July 2011, but even after her death Mitch de ella created a show in which she acted as a hologram.

Another very crude story is the one that involves Macaulay Culkin. The actor was still very young when his parents, Christopher Cornelius Culkin and Patricia BrentrupThey divorced, but he had already had time to be the highest paid kid in Hollywood. His father and his mother certainly had no moral problem dividing up the money Macaulay had earned when they separated. His mother later forced him to work on several films against the minor’s will, something that his father took advantage of to get custody… and do exactly the same thing his ex-wife had done. Fed up with them, Macaulay retired from acting when he was barely 15 years old, and even started a legal process so that his parents could not have access to his savings.

Although Beyoncé is an absolute star today, in her youth she was part of the Destiny’s Child group. her father, Matthew Knowles, had severely instructed his daughter in dancing and singing, and when the formation was created he held the position of manager. Despite the young age of the group’s members (Beyoncé was 17 when Destiny’s Child released their first album), several witnesses have claimed that Mathew sexualized her image, as well as that of her friend Kelly Rowland. In 2011, the artist discovered that her father had been stealing from her, so she fired him and cut off contact with him.

Also Eminem He has openly recounted the stormy relationship he has with his mother, debbie nelson. Unlike other cases, the rapper’s mother, who raised him alone since his father abandoned them, did not take advantage of her son’s fame to take advantage of her popularity. What she did was damage his image as much as he could, writing a book in which she smeared his name and suing him. However, the situation changed as a result of being diagnosed with cancer. Perhaps regretful, she spoke with her son and tried to reconcile. The rapper paid for medical treatment and a few years later he ended up writing a song, ‘Headlights’, as a way of apologizing to his mother.

disney kids

On the other hand, there have been several ‘Disney kids’ who have strayed from the safer path and have flirted with drugs and controversy. Miley Cyrus is an example, but the most famous is, without a doubt, Lindsey Lohan. Since she landed the leading role in ‘You to London and I to California’ in 1998, the artist’s life has been falling apart personally, while professionally she has become one of Hollywood’s spoiled girls. And a good part of her fault lay with her mother, Dina Lohan, who adopted the role of his daughter’s manager. Dina took Lindsey to a party, getting drunk together in what ended up becoming a serious alcohol addiction for the young woman. her father, Michael Lohan, considered that it was his opportunity to ask for custody of his daughter, but did nothing to straighten the course of the actress. Both parents engaged in a competition to see who exploited Lindsey’s image the most. Dina hired cameras to record her visits to the rehab centers where her daughter was trying to recover from her addiction, while Michael also did not hesitate to sell her private conversations with the artist to the tabloids.

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