Rihanna is already preparing the merch for her future stadium tour in 2023?

Is the singer Rihanna preparing the goodies for her stadium tour in 2023? We tell you more.

Rihanna’s tour is taking shape. The young singer would have deposited a mark for the merch of his future tour in 2023. MCE TV gives you more details.

Rihanna: her tour is taking shape

The year 2023 will be the year of Rihanna. After years of absencethe young singer will finally be back at the forefront of the music scene.

Still no album in sight, but a stadium tour was announced some time ago. Something to please his many fans who have been waiting for this for so long.

According to HITS Daily Double magazine, Rihanna could well start a world stadium tour in 2023. We already know that the young woman will be on the Super Bowl stage for the halftime performance.

After taking a step back from her singing career, Rihanna would finally be ready to make her comeback on stage. His performance for the final of the famous American football tournament will be an opportunity for her to resume her musical career.

At the moment, we still know very little on this tour scheduled for 2023. But one thing is certain, the fans will be there to find their idol on stage.

Moreover, the tour of Riri is revealed little by little. According to some media, Asap Rocky’s sweetheart has filed a trademark for goodies that will be available at his concerts. And the pretty brunette saw things big for her fans! We give you more details.

Products and services signed “R”

According to Pop Crave’s Twitter post, Rihanna would have registered a trademark for her goodies which will be available at her concerts in 2023. products and services will all be marked with an “R”.

The new logo will therefore be affixed to many types of products. It looks like Rihanna has a lot of merch planned for his 2023 concerts.

Indeed, fans could be entitled to USB keys, headphones or neck straps and neck cords. But also telephones, media players and personal devices.

Other products also include jewelry, calendars and posters. Or even stickers, temporary tattoos and event programs. We can also find phone cases and umbrellas.

Rihanna would also have planned bags of all kinds for his fans. Backpack, handbag or even tote bag! In short, enough to find happiness!

For the moment, it is not certain that this new product line has emerged for its stadium tour. But to see the products, it is very likely!

The tour of Rihanna in 2023 is gradually becoming clearer. We think that we will be able to have more info on the next concerts. of the young mother.

As usual, the young singer plays the card of discretion before revealing everything to us. We can’t wait to find out what she has in store for us for this long-awaited return. Stay tuned, up close.

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