Rihanna is on a mission: break records

For the next edition of the famous half-time show of the Super Bowl LVII, the singer and dancer Rihannawill try to overcome the rating levels, in which up to now, the title of champions is held katy parry with 118.5 million viewers worldwide and Lady Gaga with 117.5 million views.

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perry,sharing with Lenny Kravitz Y Missy Elliott, was presented in 2015 with a colorful and gargantuan show of sharks, just when the patriots they faced the seahawksThey defeated them and became champions. That number went viral in a matter of seconds and went viral for many months. There, the girl from California it raised the match’s audience from 14.4 million viewers to 118.5 million at the time of the presentation.

For his part, Lady Gaga appeared in the 51st edition of the great party, to make a triumphant entrance, descending from the roof of the Houston stadium, in the Super Bowl LI and finally add 117.5 million views. That day the Patriots did it again and were crowned champions, after beating the Atlanta Falcons. That show full of glitter, mirrors and with a previous recording of a waterfall from NRG Stadium, cost $10 million dollars, according to Yahoo finance.

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And thirdly, it was the English of Coldplay those that were placed as another of the most watched shows in history. That day they had as guests Beyonce Already Bruno Mars. The figure that Chris Martin’s band reached was 115.5 million viewers. And it was the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers that fought for the title. Denver took the crown.

All these figures are huge and, with the passing of the editions, they could grow, but it is important to add the fact that many of these viewers arrived not only on open and pay television, but also via streaming services and networks. social.

And now it’s the woman’s turn barbados, who was away from the stage for a few years, so her presentation is expected to be full of surprises, singing and dancing to the hits that made her famous from the beginning of her career. And one of the big questions that arises is: how much will Riri charge for said appearance.

In the latest editions of the maximum game of the nfl the controversy arose thanks to the activist Taja Railey, who mentioned that the dancers of the main stars received no pay, help or transportation support, despite their hard efforts and rehearsals. Due to this, the executive vice president of strategy and communications, Jana Feishman, responded that, together with the company in charge of taking part time, they hire 115 professional dancers, while the rest are volunteers who want to demonstrate their talent.

For his part, JoannaHunter, spokesman for the American football league, mentioned that they do not pay the artists anything and that production costs depend on them, which often exceed 10 million dollars, so they take the opportunity to make their show more attractive. In addition, they pocket the profits from commercials and deals with sponsors. In conclusion, the artists get to receive up to 24 or 30 million dollars for the halftime show.


Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar & Mary J. Blige: Super Bowl LVI (2022)
The Weeknd: Super Bowl LV (2021)
Jennifer Lopez & Shakira: Super Bowl LIV (2020)
Maroon 5: Super Bowl LIII (2019)
Justin Timberlake: Super Bowl LII (2018)
Lady Gaga: Super Bowl LI (2017)
Coldplay: Super Bowl 50 (2016)
Katy Perry: Super Bowl XLIX (2015)
Bruno Mars: Super Bowl XLVIII (2014)
Beyonce: Super Bowl XLVII (2013)

$50 million is the amount Apple Music paid to sponsor the show.
5 seasons was the agreement that Tim Coook’s company had with the NFL.
103.4 million viewers watched the halftime show in 2022.


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