Rihanna may be the bombshell of 2023, not just because of the Superbowl

musical projects of Rihanna they resumed last year with their double collaboration for the soundtrack of Black Panther Wakanda Forever, but not only that, for this 2023 it is public knowledge that the native of Barbados will also participate in the Super Bowl, however, it is possible that that It is not everything for her, because it is a great probability that she will also participate in the Oscar delivery ceremony.

After the birth of her baby, who is now seven months old, the name of the artist has sounded much more strongly in the media and not only because of her presentation scheduled for February 12 at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale (Arizona, United States). – USA), also for his possible appearance in the musical performances of the big night in Hollywood.

So far it is not a far-fetched idea, since the singer’s songs are part of the first 15 pre-selected songs to compete for Best Song and on January 24, the reading of the Oscars 2023 nominations will be confirmed. .

“The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, it’s an entertainer’s dream to be on a stage like that. But it’s stressful. You want to do well. You know, the whole world is watching. And they’re rooting for you. And I want to do it well,” the soloist told ET about her time at the SB, according to Los 40 on her website.

Will Smith and Rihanna

If confirmed that Rihanna will be an interpreter of the ceremony, it would set a precedent in the artistic union, since it would become the first woman in history to have participated in the two biggest industry shows in the US in the same year.

In fact, only one soloist achieved this milestone before, we’re talking about Phil collins in 2000. Although on that occasion the British musician was not the headliner of the Super Bowl break but one more artist within a choral performance, as explained by the aforementioned media.

A tough competition for Rihanna

Although many wish that the bride of ASAP Whoever leads the award ceremony, you have to know that the competition will not be easy since among the 15 Oscar candidates are other big names with international success such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez either The Weeknd.

Lady Gaga/ Agency

Although, it is the case that all of them are part of the final selection, we are sure that the red carpet of those Oscars could be one of the most sought-after at a cinematographic and musical level in all of history.

Other projects

Rihannanow with her new role as a mother, is not only permeating perfectly in the music industry, as she also recently launched her new clothing collection for her brand Savage x Fent, called ‘Game Day’, inspired by the Super Bowl 2023.

It includes 17 sports looks made up of boxers, sweatpants, tank tops, hoodies, caps and other designs with messages.

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