Rihanna surprises with an incredible pose in underwear eight months after giving birth

Rihanna it’s found enjoying her recent motherhood, but that does not prevent him from continuing to attend to all his work commitments. And it is that the singer, she is currently preparing not only the performance of the ‘Super Bowl’ in the United States, but also the Valentine’s campaign for her underwear brand.

Just for this last reason, Rihanna has not hesitated to wear the best sets of lingerie in a most sensual video, just eight months after giving birth to her first child.

In the video that she has shared on her Instagram account, we can see her with a sexy lace bodysuitseducing the spectators with his eyes.

As expected, the fans have not been slow to fill the post with comments, pointing out how great it looks.

However, also there have been many who have “criticized” to the singer for being focused on other projects and not releasing new music. And it is that Rihanna has not released new music since 2016, with her album Anti de ella.

But it seems that that moment is a little closer, since The singer has officially announced that she will be in charge of the ‘Super Bowl’ show, one of the most important moments on television in the United States, and it sure does not leave anyone indifferent.

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