Rihanna: what is this non-alcoholic drink that she loves?

Ever since she got pregnant, Rihanna has been the center of attention. She recently shared with her fans her favorite non-alcoholic drink!

Rihanna has been in the spotlight lately, but her baby-to-be is even more so. So when she posted a picture of herself pregnant with a drink in her hand, she freaked out the web. Yet, although there were bubbles in his glass, it was not champagne. Fans have found what was that soft drink. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Rihanna pregnant with a drink in her hand

While Rihanna is pregnant and about to give birth, her latest Instagram post has her fans very worried. Asap Rocky’s darling appears with a drink in hand !

In the video, the interpreter of Umbrella is in his bathroom, towel over his head, to present his brand Fenty Skin to his fans. She therefore applies her skincare products on her face and also on her cute baby bump. So far so good !

On the other hand, it is when the young woman of 34 years pours himself a cup of a sparkling drink, while his mask poses, that his subscribers worried. Rihanna would she have been drinking alcohol while she is pregnant?

“What’s in the glass?” »worried a user. “Did she just drink alcohol?” », added another. It didn’t take much to create a new controversy around Rihanna.

And the controversies, the little couple goes through several right now. Between Asap Rocky’s legal troubles and the rumors that follow them everywhere, they have no respite. But despite everything, the lovebirds always remain welded.

That said, if we look at the Instagram video, it’s clear that it’s not champagne. Besides, it’s not alcohol either. Indeed, it is a soda. MCE TV tells you more!

Riri’s favorite soft drink

If many fans thought it was alcohol in the glass, the most observant were able to establish the truth. “It’s from ginger ale in a champagne glass for me “, dropped a Rihanna subscriber. She was right !

Eh yes ! The drink in question is nothing but a soda. Future parents, who come from fake their wedding in Asap Rocky’s latest music video, could never have hurt their baby! We are reassured!

Indeed, the drink in the video is none other than Fever-Tree Ginger Ale. It is a non-alcoholic ginger drink, filled with natural ingredients. Far from the glass of champagne!

Carbonated water, cane sugar, natural ginger flavor, citric acid and that’s it! Nothing more, nothing less ! In reality, it’s even quite healthy as a drink. It’s not for nothing that Rihanna elected it as her favorite pregnancy drink.

Thanks to her post on Instagram, fans therefore know both Riri’s skincare routine, but also his favorite soda ! What more ?

Anyway, Rihanna and Asap Rocky’s baby is therefore healthy, and it should happen any moment. Even if fans don’t know her gender, they are looking forward to it! Case to follow!

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