Rihanna’s first photos with her second child are revealed and we already know if it’s a boy or a girl – Offstage

Rihanna welcomed their second child on August 1However, it took us several days to hear the news as she has always been very discreet about her personal life and is not very keen on sharing aspects of her personal life. Furthermore, she has not yet talked about this second motherhood nor has she shared any photos with her family since the birth of her child, leaving out both the name and whether it will be a boy or a girl. , something we just found out.

Thanks to social networks and the paparazzi close to her, we managed to see the first photos with her baby in her arms, accompanied by her husband A$AP Rocky and her first son RZA, who is already a year old. Revealed.. Some of the most tender images in which we have even been able to confirm that this baby is a girl! Contrary to what was previously thought, when it was said that it is a boy, he already has the desired pair.

First pictures of Rihanna with her husband and two children

Rihanna She was captured on camera holding her baby in her arms and surrounded by her husband A$AP Rocky, who was carrying their first child on his shoulders. And plays with it while being photographed. A session that has not yet been made public but that we are already seeing being broadcast on the network. And, thanks to these photos, we have been able to know that the artist’s second child is a girl. A little baby who grows up in a jiffy and is already a grown-up by the time he is almost two months old.

The singer is very smiling and happy after expanding her family, holding her in her arms, wrapped in a blanket and wearing a hat and pink dress.From which we came to know that it is a girl as announced by some media at the time of her birth. Additionally, we know the name of the little girl with whom he has once again collaborated on the rapper’s songs, this time his latest collaboration with Pharrell Williams, Riot, has left out the full name Riot Rose Meyers, although As of now the singer has not officially confirmed it.

Rihanna’s words about motherhood

,This is everything. You don’t actually remember your past life, it’s the craziest thing ever., You literally try to remember it – and there are pictures of my past life – but the feelings, the desires, the things you like, everything, you just don’t identify with it because you mentally let yourself go to it. away, because… because it doesn’t matter,” Rihanna expressed about motherhood in her interview for Vogue magazine.I went from one person to two. You enter the hospital as a couple and leave as a family of three. this is madness, And oh my god, the first few days are crazy. you do not sleep. you do not sleep. Not even if you want to. We reached home, in cold weather, without anyone. As parents it was just us and our child. He added, “Dude, you’re a zombie most of the time.”

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