Rihanna’s fragrance, Fenty Eau de Parfum, is finally back in stock and shaping up to be a hit

Rihanna holds the world of beauty in the palm of her hand. The proof: each of his new business adventures is crowned with success. The first one, Fenty Beauty, completely turned the industry upside down. The second, Fenty Skin, proved she could double down. All that was missing for the superstar was to launch himself into the world of fragrance. Admittedly, like all self-respecting popstars, the young mother had already lent her name and face to several scents available in the supermarket. But it is in 2021 that she finally launches the perfume much more luxury of the Fenty universe. Immediate success, out of stock occurs in a matter of hours. It will be the same for the second drop, to the point of pushing the company to review the provisions. Now available on the official shop for international delivery, the perfume is back for good (and soon on sale at Sephora in France). Selling price: €185 for 75ml. A small sum that should not affect its success. We explain why…

Three reasons Rihanna’s perfume will be a hit

Celebrity perfumes are always a must. Believe it or not, VIP fragrances continue to take off to the point that some have even built an empire on them. Whereas Rihanna continues to be a style reference, it’s no surprise that it drips from the bottle. Especially since unlike the others, here it is, offering a bold and luxurious scent. Enough to allow him to stand out and surf on success!

Rihanna is known for her smell. It’s a fact that is no stranger to pop culture lovers: the diva always makes a strong impression in an olfactory way. It is rumored that she would wear the Don’t Be Shy perfume from the Kilian Paris brand. If in doubt, to try to get closer to the smell of Riri, you might as well treat yourself to the perfume that bears his name. Anything that can bring us near or far to the superstar is good to take!

– As the saying goes, never two without three. And since the first two drops were a success, there’s no reason to believe it won’t happen again. Fans are flocking to the fragrance, and as the bottles run out, they’re going to have to refill. A word of advice: get your hands on a perfume before it runs out of stock. You never know, if Riri decides to release an album, the hype around his products could rise again (yes, we still believe in a musical comeback…).

Fenty Eau de Parfum, Fenty Beauty, €185

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