Rihanna’s perfume that will make you smell like paradise itself

Have the Rihanna perfume in your collection is a privilege, because beyond what it costs, those who own it assure that smells like heaven -literal-. And the reason everyone aspires to have it is because most everyone who knows RiRi, from Cardi B to Nikki Tutorials, reveals that the singer smells like paradiseprompting the entire internet to search for the fragrance she wears.

Which? Is about Love, Don’t Be Shy, by Kilianand right now we tell you the notes that are responsible for giving off such a fabulous aroma, where to get it and a dupe so you don’t miss out on trying a bit of its celestiality. It will fascinate you!

What does Rihanna’s perfume smell like?

The perfume used by Rihanna was created by Calice Becker in 2007. It belongs to the family of floral fragrances, and is composed of notes of orange blossom, honeysuckle, rose, vanilla, marshmallow absolute, and amber, which immediately transport you to the paradise. In short, it’s a eau de parfum highly seductive, tender and with a sweet touch that completely intoxicates.

The combination of marshmallow, orange blossom and vanilla is the secret to an unforgettable aroma.

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Where to buy Rihanna’s perfume?

In Mexico you can buy it at Amazon, but if you will be in the United States for a few days, we recommend you buy it there in its online store or at Sephora. Its price is between $4,980 and $6,427 MXN –yes, a fortune–, but thanks to the fact that it went viral on TikTok, you can already find a dupe closer than you imagine.

Rihanna perfume dupe

According to platform users, a fragrance that smells similar to that of the businesswoman from fenty beauty, is Rose Marshmallow Candy, from Zara. Bottle notes very similar to Love, Don’t Be Shy, by Kilianlike marshmallow, orange and vanilla, only that its intensity and duration is shorter, since it is a eau de toilette. Of course, it is priced at $399 MXN.

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