Riley Keough meets Dakota Johnson at In N Out

Riley Keough And Dakota Johnsonthey didn’t meet 16 in the parking lot in and out And he clicked this time, so much so that their friendship continues and in an interview Vanity Fair, Dakota He talked about his friendship with the hero of daisy jones and the six,

If there is anything in common between these two actresses, it is that both they grew up In very famous family, Riley she is the daughter of Lisa Marie presley/Danny Keough And Dakota Of Melanie Griffith/Dawn Johnson, They got attached to it immediately.

Riley Keough and Dakota Johnson's friendship
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Dakota and Riley are like “soulmates”.

In his interview, Dakota asked to meet Riley it was like finding spouse, “When I met him, I felt that what is so impossible to express turned into a feeling famous family, during their teenage yearstheir relationship was like Sister’s, They hosted sleepovers for days, went to concerts, shared clothes, and went on double dates.

when he was 19, He started his own rock band, we started a joke band called public porn, riley and i had Brown hair And we we hid In after new york Our brokenDakota shared. “we did ternary harmony With my brother, Alexanderin the songs of hank williams And john prineand we filmed them Phone Booth, We did thousands and thousands of takes.

Currently, they continue sharing their adult life and from time to time they are idea together In public event Like the red carpet and the awards. In spite of that busy schedulethe couple made sure Keep closeSomething that we admire and that reminds us that few things are as beautiful as having friends who are with us and grow with us.

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