Riley León already has a job and a new truck after a viral video in which he was trapped in a tornado in Elgin, Texas | Univision 62 Austin KAKW

AUSTIN, Texas.- Riley Leon, 16, was swept up in a tornado while driving his truck in Elgin and video of the incident has gone viral. Despite the fact that his vehicle was destroyed, León and his family said they were hopeful that better things would come, and that is what happened.

León confirmed to Univision 62 that he passed the job interview he attended on Monday afternoon and that a famous truck company contacted him to give him a new vehicle.

“It changed my life, everywhere. I am the tornado boy, ”joked León, who is in high school and assured that his classmates have baptized him with his nickname.

The teen said they offered him a new truck and let him choose the color.

“I asked for it to be red, like my truck. It has a lot of meaning to me,” she stated. Tomorrow the young man will go to Fort Worth where he will be given his new vehicle.

Provides a message about respecting the weather conditions after the tornado

León indicated that although he was lucky and only has minor injuries, such as a small fracture in his back and some wounds in his arms, he will not leave the house again if there are severe storms and the risk of tornadoes in the region.

Although he now jokes with his nickname, he knows that he survived a dangerous atmospheric phenomenon.

“I say don’t go out when there are severe storms. This went pretty fast. It was like a blink of an eye. I got out of there, thank God,” León said.

The Elgin tornado, a city located about 25 miles east of downtown Austin, started about nine miles to the southwest near Dry Ceek Road and Union Lee Church Road. According to the National Weather Service, it has a classification preliminary EF-2 with an estimated maximum wind of 130 miles per hour.


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