Rio de Jainero marries Bitcoin

Also Rio de Janeiro on the train of Bitcoin? According to what was released by the main Brazilian newspapers, the city could be the first of Brazil in fact to accumulate $ BTC for the purpose of store of value.

All within a decidedly more complex program that will also allow citizens to receive discounts if they agree to pay local taxes with the main cryptocurrency on a global scale.

Rio de Janeiro will start with Bitcoin soon
Rio de Janeiro marries Bitcoin – here’s how

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Rio de Janeiro ready to debut on Bitcoin

It would not be the first city in the world, but given the size, the relevance cultural at home and abroad and the economic relevance would still be one of the most important news of the history of Bitcoin. A news that indicates that the fact that the municipal coffers will accumulate is now certain $ BTC.

The news would have been spread directly from mayor of Rio per century Eduardo Paes, which confirmed this during the Rio Innovation Week. The purchase of Bitcoin as a store of value, which could even reach 1% of the city’s cash, it will be part of a much broader program and along the lines of what is happening in Miami. We are in fact facing an operation that will allow citizens to pay some of their taxes in Bitcoin, also receiving a considerable discount on the payment of the same. We speak from IPTU, or a city real estate tax, among other things one of the few to be directly in the availability of the mayor.

What changes for the citizens of Rio?

First of all who will decide to pay in Bitcoin will have a discount of 10% on one of the taxes, which does not mean that you will pay the overall 10% less, but there will still be considerable savings. Secondly, it will depend on the effects of this move on an international scale as well Rio de Janeiro, which could attract as well crypto-investors and in particular companies operating in the ecosystem of Bitcoin.

The move is along the lines of what is being discussed at You love me for some time, with Francis Suarez that at least in the USE is now closely linked to the future of Bitcoin even plitically. It will not therefore be only the states – this morning we talked about Tonga – to guide the public acceptance of Bitcoin, but also cities of a certain depth. Unfortunately for us Europeans it seems that the news of this kind are all happening overseas, but it does not mean that there will be no time to recover. At least in those European realities more projected towards the future.

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