Río Sil Medical Center, medicine with the best specialists for Valdeorras

ANDl Río Sil Medical Center, Located at Paseo del Malecón number 15 in O Barco, it has been serving Valdeorras for more than 20 years. A private medical clinic specialized in occupational medicine and which has also expanded its portfolio to other areas with the aim of responding to the needs of the region. It will be those specialties that every fortnight present in a new section that we incorporated into Radio Valdeorras-Onda Cero.

The main objective of this center is offer a quality and personalized service to each patient. To this end, specialists with extensive experience in their field have been gradually incorporated. Specifically, it has a Traumatology consultation led by Doctor Juan Blanco and Benito Ramos; dermatology with Alejandro Vilas; podiatry with Hugo Domínguez; psychiatry with Pablo Quiroga and, from the end of this month, doctor Másferrer will be in charge of internal medicine. The latter will be the one who inaugurates our section.

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In addition, the medical center is dedicated to labor and occupational medicine. Among other functions, they carry out medical check-ups and have agreements with mutual insurance companies to attend to patients.

As for day-to-day, general and family medicine is handled by Dr. Ernesto Morales, while occupational and work medicine is handled byl Doctor Jorge Rollon.

To this is added the infirmary or rehabilitation work, for which they have a wide range with the latest machinery.

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