Rise up, Lightless! Elden Ring triumphs at the Steam Awards. PC community crowns best PC games of 2022

Steam players have spoken and among all of them they have chosen Elden Ring as their best game of 2022, which leads us to two clear conclusions: FromSoftware’s games are no longer niche experiences and their leap into open worlds has been the best thing that has left us last year. Of course, despite being the greatest honor, it is not the only award that Miyazaki adds after the celebration of the Steam Awards.

As promised with the start of the Steam Winter Sale, participation and voting for the prizes awarded by the Steam community closed on January 3, 2023, with which the results immediately jumped leaving us three Very interesting conclusions: the full entry of PlayStation on PC he liked it a lotCyberpunk 2077 is over (finally!) and the obsession with Stray the Cat game is very real.

The 20 best video games of 2022 according to the VidaExtra team

Although it must be admitted that the categories are no longer as crazy and fun as in previous editions, the Steam Awards are a perfect thermometer when it comes to assess how each year has been on PC, a more or less timeless platform that rewards long-term success over launch reception.

Will we still talk about Elden ring in the future? Well, as you can see, games like God of War from 2018, which came to PC a year ago, continue to bring joy. For now, below you will find all categories of the Steam Awards 2022 along with their respective winners, including an Elden Ring that, in addition to winning the juiciest prize, won a double.

Winner of the Game of the Year Award 2022: Elden Ring

screenshot 1411

Virtual Reality Game of the Year Award Winner: Hitman 3

screenshot 1412

Winner of the With Love and Dedication Award: cyberpunk 2077

screenshot 1413

Best with Friends Award Winner: RAFT

screenshot 1414

Outstanding Visual Style Award Winner: Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales

screenshot 1415

Most Innovative Gameplay Award Winner: stray

screenshot 1416

Best Hard Game Award Winner: Elden Ring

screenshot 1417

Best Soundtrack Award Winner: Final Fantasy VII Remake – INTERGRADE-

screenshot 1418

Outstanding Story Rich Game Award Winner: God of War

screenshot 1419

Sit Back and Relax Award Winner: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

screenshot 1420

Best Portable Game Award Winner: Death Stranding Director’s Cut

screenshot 1421

That you see as a brooch an award for best portable game It’s no coincidence: one of Valve’s revolutions launched last year was Steam Deck, its own portable system and it has entered very strongly with PlayStation games and obsessions like Vampire Survivors. All in all, it’s an achievement that Marvel Snap has made it this far without being Steam Deck verified. At least still.

It is also quite illustrative that of the 10 winning video games, five are titles that have exclusivity for PlayStation consoles. As significant as 15 of the nominated or winning games they debuted on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC. In all cases, the image that stays with us if we make a general assessment is that It has been a wonderful distribution of prizes.

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