risk of cognitive decline among the recovered

The Covid can it lead to brain damage? Concern about cognitive decline is growing among coronavirus survivors. According to a Chinese study published in JAMA Neurology, the contagion led to a slowdown in capacity in 12.5% ​​of cases globally. The analysis was conducted on about 1,500 people recovered from Covid-19. Cognitive decline resulted in progressive worsening over time among those who had suffered from a severe form of Covid-19: the worsening in mental abilities was observed in 21.2% of these individuals.

Severe covid more dangerous for the brain

The team of researchers from Chongqing ‘Daping Hospital’ reported cases of cognitive decline problems even among patients who had had mild or moderate forms of covid. But the incidence among these was lower. Among those recovered from severe Covid, 10% showed true dementia 6 months after the resolution of the disease, but after 12 months the incidence rose to 15%.

It is not the first study to refer to brain problems due to Covid. In recent days, a work published in the journal Nature and led by Gwenaëlle Douaud of the University of Oxford, revealed that Covid, even if taken in a mild form, causes recognizable structural changes in the brain, especially in areas related to smell and memory.

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