River and Boca would pay the millionaire debt of Independiente with America

It seems that a light is opening for the Avellaneada club to finally pay the Águilas what they owe.

America could get its money soon.
© Getty ImagesAmerica could get its money soon.

Independent keeps a millionaire debt with the America for years. A few days ago the club was warned that they had to liquidate every penny to avoid being penalized; this did not happen and FIFA will take action on the matter.

For next January 19, the highest soccer entity could disable the Avellaneda team from signing players until he settles his debt with the Eagles. For that reason, the Argentines made several additions before being blocked from the market.

It seems that Red has no escape, but Boca and River could help settle the debt. It turns out that the two most important teams in Argentina are interested in Sergio Barreto, defender of Independiente.

The 23-year-old footballer was valued at $6 million, a figure that would be great for Independiente to be able to pay América. Now it is up to the Xeneizes and the Millionaire to accept the price or start negotiating.

How much is Independiente’s debt with America?

The Argentine team owes 5.7 million dollars to the azulcrema team, product of the signing of Cecilio Domínguez in 2019. To this figure we must add the interest generated, so the debt rises to just over six million.

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