Robbery culprit dies in Carabobo businessman’s house

Photo: Instagram @douglasricovzla

CISPC director Douglas Rico reported this Wednesday that Jonal Mauricio Catry Durant (47), one of the material authors of the robbery in the house of a businessman located in Los Samanes peasant settlement, Negro Primero Street, Rafael Urdaneta Parish. , was killed. , Valencia Municipality, Carabobo State.

According to a report on his Instagram account, the commissioner noted that in the company of a man nicknamed “El Mano de Goma”, who has yet to be arrested, entered the house with firearms to subdue the citizen . His children, together with them, aimed to deprive him of the large sum of money he had saved.

The authorities began searching for Cateri and when they found him, he used a weapon against the commission, leading to a confrontation. The man was injured and died after entering the health centre.

The CICPC determined that there was a third party involved, who has not yet been identified and apprehended, who is a resident of the sector and the intellectual author of the robbery, who had knowledge of the businessman’s business, which is why he committed the theft. The criminals had planned.

After being verified in Sipol, Katri had two pleas for generic and recorded robbery, he also had records for drugs, illegal firearms possession and generic theft.

The case was ordered by the 35th Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry of Carabobo State.

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