Robbie Williams, Katy Perry and Farruko: Artists who regretted their songs

Abhi, enough is enough!

Has it ever happened to you that you review last years work and find it terrible? This also happens with artists who regret their songs and stop playing them. taking advantage Robbie Williams’ confession In his documentary, alba cordero List the singers who said ‘enough’ to their songs.

Robbie Williams he regrets his song Rudebox, The British singer, former member of the group Take That, tells the story of the same name and his confession inspired alba cordero To prepare for a trip in the past special body,

“My biggest regret is releasing it as the first single,” says the artist, who had no idea when he released the song to the market in 2006. At that time he was excited and He said it was his most important song since AngelsSays Alba Cordero, who points out that the reality is different. ,Angels It was the first time he hit it, it was the beginning of a meteoric career and Rudebox “This was the end.”

The British artist isn’t the first artist (nor will he be the last) to regret releasing a song. he is ready Made in alba cordero Gives a good example of this.

Robbie Williams – ‘Rudebox’

Farruko – ‘Peppas’

Carlos Efrain Reyes Rosado, alias Farruko, He has apologized for inciting drug use through this song. Along with this, the religious conversion he has done means that he no longer feels like singing. kernel In music festivals.

Radiohead – Creep’

radiohead Included in their first album, pablo honeyThe song that made him world famous, creepAnd which he regretted from the beginning. thom yorkThe band’s singer and songwriter was not very happy with the lyrics. johnny greenwoodThe guitarist played at full strength because he did not like the song and wanted to boycott it, although this had the opposite effect. The guitar riff is one of the most famous things about the song.

“Drama became regular because creep It was a complete success, so much so that they kept asking for it all the time at concerts and they got so tired that they stopped playing it. The people went and, when they sang creepHe was leaving the concert,” Alba Cordero summarized about the incident that angered the band. “Have you come only to listen creep, Well, we don’t touch it anymore!”

Ivan Ferrario – ’80s

It has not been confirmed Ivan Ferrario has reached full repentance but 80’sOf Pirates, there is some strange story. In 2001, the company told the band that its songs ultrasonicTheir fourth album, Was Bullshit and They Were Missing alone Attractive.

“On which there is a record balance is impossibleSomeone had the courage to say this was nonsense… so, within 15 minutes, they wrote A song full of random references to getting revenge on the person who asked them to do it And it proved to be Los Piratas’ most successful song and, like Radiohead, as soon as the song became popular, they stopped playing it until Iván says they saw Amaral covering it in a concert. Till then he did not compromise with it. ,” Alba explained.

katy perry – i kissed a girl

in the matter of katy perry and song I Kissed a GirlIt is different. Because the reality is that Katy did not like it at first alonewhich was also his first success, but yes He regrets some of the lyrics because he believes they fall into stereotypes about bisexuality. Which are not visible clearly today.

“She says she still likes the song but she would make some changes about the lyrics,” says the music expert. special body,

Radio Futura – ‘In love with young fashion’

Brothers Santiago and Luis Aucerón were not the soul of the first album future radio, modern musicBecause it was tailored to another member of the group, herminio molero,

Osersons did not like the songs on that album, including one of the songs youth love fashionWhich he began to reject when Molero left the band a year later.

They stopped playing them, but the records will last forever…


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