Robert Alexander, the Honduran soccer player who claims to be identical to Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was the real bombshell of the transfer market after announcing his arrival at Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia. The historic Portuguese soccer player signed the largest contract in soccer history and will earn $215 million annually, something never seen before.

The influence of the former Real Madrid player is so great that there are even people around the world who claim to have some physical resemblance to CR7. In the last few hours, a Honduran amateur soccer player from his country caused a sensation on social networks, who claims to be a copy of Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of his facial features. His name is Robert Alexander Cazalengo.

“I found out because my very sincere friends told me that I looked like Cristiano Ronaldo. So there I ended up realizing that he did seem to me to be Portuguese. I imitate him in kinship. To my face, this here (his features of him) I look like him. The smile, the look and various qualities there, I am a copy”he pointed out at the time in an interview for CNN.

Take advantage of their fury to boost their social networks

According to various reports, Robert Alexander Cazalengo has taken advantage of his ‘resemblance’ to Cristiano Ronaldo to have more than 67,000 followers on TikTok. “In social networks I am very recognized, I could say that in all the countries of the world because in three months I have achieved 67 thousand on TikTok”finished off.

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