Robert Pattinson calls Zoë Kravitz a “hater” for Twilight

The lead actor of The Batman, Robert Pattinson, calls his partner Zoë Kravitz a “hater” because of the Twilight movie.

Robert Pattinson has called “hater” to Zoe Kravitz after the actress admitted that she had not seen the saga of Twilight. In an interview granted to People magazine, the two protagonists of batman they joked in a cordial and friendly tone when she said that she did not see the youthful phenomenon of the time. the actress of cat woman he just says it wasn’t his style. Obviously, your partner doesn’t believe a word I’m arguing.

Zoë Kravitz obviously didn’t mean to offend Robert Pattinson. In fact, if you watch the full clip that has been posted on social mediaour Catwoman in batman She admits a little later that she did go to accompany a friend to see the first installment of the vampire and werewolf franchise. Come on, as everyone tries to justify since the premiere of Twilight. Either way, it’s wonderful to see two Hollywood stars interacting so effortlessly.

«It is no longer fashionable to be a Twilight haterRobert Pattinson joked. Then, Zoë Kravitz clarified: «It’s not that I hate the movie, I just don’t. saw”. So the leading star of batman returned to the charge with a «that’s so 2010«. What a joy to see the two interpreters of DC Comics!

A movie that can be an unprecedented success

Matt Reeves has directed a film that will try to give the public the definitive version of the character. batman opens next March 4 and Warner Bros. Pictures blindly confident that it will be a box office success. We’ll have to wait to check it out, but it has all the ingredients. Two young, striking and magnetic protagonists, very interesting villains, a universe to explore and a noir and detective tone that comes as no surprise. Can’t wait to see it now!

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