Robert Pattinson: superhero, father… and, now, also designer of a beautiful ear-shaped sofa

Robert Pattinson: Superhero, father… and, now, also a sofa designer
Robert Pattinson admits he’s “quite a romantic” when it comes to decorating. so when He started imagining and drawing the sofa of his dreams, What came out was a round-shaped piece of furniture; an object huggable, that, somehow, he was able to return her Hug.

“I was interested in creating furniture that could enable people to interact in a playful and informal way,” explains the British actor. to B.C. “In my first paintings, everyone had Disproportionate and large elements that give a very fun touch to the pieces. In the process of making some clay models, I discovered that overlapping organic curves serve that purpose,” he adds.

Designer white sofa by Robert Pattinson

The Pattinson-designed sofa, photographed in the JF chain store in Los Angeles, measures approximately 2.7 meters in length and approximately 50 centimeters in depth. In addition to the one ear, Pattinson has confessed that, for his design, he has also been inspired by everyday shapes like a swimming pool or a bean.© Ye Rin Mok

A beautiful white sofa, shaped like an ear?

everything happened at the end of filming batman (2022) And there is free time ahead. During the design process, there always comes a moment when the creator steps back to look at his or her work from a certain perspective. When Pattinson did this, he discovered With its overlapping curves and soft, lobe-shaped appendages, the sofa strongly resembled an ear. But the truth is that the metaphor makes sense: it was a sofa intended to encourage intimate conversation and, Also a topic of conversation in itself (What are you and I doing sitting on the lower part of the ear?)

“Rob (as those closest to him know him) was looking for “A piece you can read with your head in it,” says designer Nicole Gordon. Also responsible for the decoration of two of Pattinson’s houses and, some work, at his parents’ home in London. “And, plus, the sofa was strong and stable… enough to seat several people at the same time during a party,” Gordon completes.

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