Robert Pattinson, the Briton who went from youth idol to the most coveted Batman, turns 36

Robert Pattinson is one of the names in the film industry that has conquered millions of fans around the world. From his acclaimed role in Harry Potter, when he was a teenager, through his stellar participation in the most famous vampire saga, the British actor continues to give people something to talk about, even more so in his recent role as Batmanthe Batman.

If something characterizes Pattinson, it is his hard workcombined with a low profile. He had moments in his career where he acted in films with very poor reviews, but then he managed to reinvent himself and his fame continued to expand.

Currently, the artist has once again become the center of comments and criticism thanks to his performance as Batman in Matt Reeves’ latest feature film for DC Comics.

model since childhood

Robert Pattinson was born on May 13, 1986, in the city of London, United Kingdom. He was the last child born to Richard and Clare Pattinson. While Clare was working for a modeling agency, Richard was importing vintage cars from the United States. His sisters are Lizzy, who also followed the art but through singing, and Victoria Pattinson, about whom little is known.

His career started at a young age. When she was 12 years old she started modeling for various brands of children’s products. What the brands were looking for in him was the “androgynous” aspect of him, that is, that he had features that made him look somewhat feminine. But with the development of him in his teens he began to have more manly traits and the marks lost interest in him.

It was then that decided to start acting, and he did it at the local theater in his neighborhood in London. She then managed to get the attention of an agent and decided to look for more professional roles. Pattinson performed well on the boards, but after about three or four years he finally made his television debut.

Roles on the small screen

On television, Pattinson had his first two movie roles. “Ring of the Nibelungs” and in “Vanity Fair“, both released in 2004. It was very little time that passed until he got one of the roles for which he would be remembered to this day.

Cedric Diggory Scenes | 1080p Logoless

In 2005, Robert got the role of “cedric diggory“, in the fourth installment of the saga of Harry Potter.

“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” was not only a box office success, but it was also the film in which critics praised his performance and called him a potential star. Pattinson returned to the wizarding world with an appearance in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” in 2007.

The actor also resumed his career as a model when, after his debut in the seventh art, the prestigious Dior brand contacted him to be part of one of its campaigns. The Hackett Campaign went out to the public in 2009.

Robert Pattinson Dior.jpg

The vampire who marked a generation

Pattinson’s success was still relative, as his name was not well known across the Atlantic. But it didn’t take long for him to become famous in the United States, since in 2007, the actor agreed to play one of his best-known characters, the vampire “Edward Cullen” in the “Twilight” saga.

Twilight Pattinson.jpg

In the skin of that character, Robert conquered a whole generation of young fans of the novel and subsequent films. His image became one of the most coveted by teenagers and his romance with his co-star Kristen Stewart ended up driving fans and fans completely crazy with the entire “Twilight” universe.

For his performances in the “Twilight” saga, Pattinson received several nominations at teen awards, such as the People’s Choice Awards, the MTV Movie Awards and the Teen Choice Awards, and won several of them, but the films were harshly criticized. With great success at the box office but with critics against him, Robert finished filming the last film in the saga in 2012.

Twilight Trailer 1 Subtitles Spanish Spanish Subtitles

In total, all the franchise titles are: “Twilight” (2007), “New Moon” (2009), “Eclipse” (2010), “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” (2011) and “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” ( 2012). Parallel to the saga, the actor acted in projects such as “Remember Me” (2010), “Love & Distrust” (2010), “Water for Elephants” (2011) and “Cosmopolis” (2012).

“The best film of his career”

Outside of the vampire saga, Pattinson began working on other types of projects with which he managed to have critics on his side. The actor ventured into a series of films that coincide in belonging to the biographical genre. The first of them was “The Rover” (2014), where he plays “Reynolds”, the brother of a criminal.

The following year, Robert acted in “Queen of the Desert” (2015), a biographical adaptation about the life of Gertrude Bell, a writer, archaeologist and British government official. But the film received many negative reviews to the point that some said it is the worst production in which the actor appeared.

But Pattinson quickly redeemed himself. His admiration for the Safdie brothers led him to ask them for a role in his next project, a role he landed for the movie “Good Time.” The film was released in 2017, received critical acclaim as the best film of his career, and Pattinson was nominated for Best Actor at the Gotham Awards, the Satellite Awards and the Independent Spirit Awards.

Good Time (2017) First Official Subtitled Trailer

From there, Robert began landing increasingly critically acclaimed roles.

He starred in “Damsel,” a western comedy in which his performance with Mia Wasikowska received critical acclaim. She then starred in the sci-fi movie “High Life,” in which Pattinson got all the praise. In both films, the actor demonstrated his talent in singing and participated in the soundtracks.

“El Faro”, one of his most recent productions, also had good reviews and thanks to that performance he was again nominated for Best Actor at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Damsel Clip – Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska – My Honeybun


After two great performances in “The Devil at All Hours” and “Tenet”, Pattinson spent a long time with all eyes on him, as the actor was the new face of one of the most famous superheroes in the world. In 2022, the long-awaited film was released in which Robert put himself in the shoes of billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Pattinson The Batman.webp

“The Batman”, in its new and dark version, hit theaters on March 4, 2022, after a long production break due to the covid-19 pandemic and swept the box office and the opinion of fans who they positively accepted the film directed by Matt Reeves.

The film intends to launch a shared universe of Batman, that is to say that they already have two sequels planned with which they would create a new Batman trilogy, on a par with the already existing Nolan trilogy. In addition, two television series belonging to the same universe have been thought of and would be developed by HBO Max, the platform on which the film is available.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman received rave reviews, putting him back on the map for other big roles. But in addition, the rest of the main cast, with Zoë Kravitz and Paul Dano also received praise for their performances, which managed to convey the emotions of each character with a level of excellence.

Philanthropy and private life

Pattinson has always been an actor within what could be classified as “low profile”. His private life, beyond the occasional love relationship, has not been a topic on which much is commented. But Robert has taken advantage of what the exposure has given him and decided to use his image for charity.


The actor has joined campaigns in defense of children, from war refugees to victims of human trafficking and kidnapping. He has also helped in different causes such as foundations that investigate diseases, campaigns for victims of natural disasters and also helps shelters for the homeless.

In addition, Pattinson joined the Global Goals Campaign to end global poverty by 2030 and in 2019, he donated $500,000 in support of refugees from the Syrian civil war in France.

As for his private life, the actor has had several famous partners throughout his life. From 2003 to 2006 he was dating actress Nina Schubert. He later dated Kristen Stewart, her partner on “Twilight.” In 2014, Pattinson began dating singer FKA twigs. In 2017 the couple got engaged but months later they separated. He is currently in a relationship with model and actress Suki Waterhouse.

Pattinson and his partner.webp

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