Robert Pattinson’s Best Movies According to Rotten Tomatoes

The actor has participated in various films. "Batman" is the last of them.  (Photos courtesy)
The actor has participated in various films. “Batman” is the last of them. (Photos courtesy)

Robert Pattinson achieved fame when he starred in the film twilight) based on the novels written by stephenie meyer. The wave of fans around the world spread in such a way that what seemed like a simple romantic vampire movie ended up in a saga that gave the careers of vampires the boost they lacked. Pattinson and her castmate, Kristen Stewart (who is currently nominated for an Oscar for playing Lady Di in the film spencer).

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Far from being typecast in the role of Edward Cullen (the name of the vampire who loved the human Bella Swan played by Stewart), Pattinson turned to making films often away from mass consumption until the arrival of Tenet and TheBatman.

The place Rotten Tomatoes analyzes the reviews of the films and produces a percentage with the reviews for and against the films. Taking into account his analysis, here we bring you a list of the best rated titles in the career of this actor who now shines in batman.

rover (66%)

Trailer for “The Rover”. (A24)

This film was presented in 2014 at the Cannes Film Festival and achieved an acceptance of 66% according to Rotten Tomatoes. rover managed to position Pattinson as a great promise beyond twilight. It is a dystopian story set in a desert area of ​​Australia. It is located temporarily speaking, ten years after the collapse of the economy throughout the world. the character of Pattinson it is that of a man who must face the idea of ​​being alone in the world. His performance moved much more than the plot itself and received the best reviews for his work.

The king (king70%)

Trailer for “The King”. (Netflix)

movie starring Timothy Chalamet, who plays Henry V for Netflix and that shows a 70% acceptance rate. Here Pattinson he played the character of Dauphin, for which he had to use a French accent and use blonde hair. His Dauphin was a madman who managed to captivate the audience and also the critics who highlighted his work in this film.

high-life (73%)

Trailer for “High Life”. (A24)

Pattinson is as subtle, demanding and unpredictable as ever, conveying a profound loneliness and resigned fatalism with very little dialogue to help him.” This is how they described the role of this actor from the newspaper Guardian. high-life (2018) was directed by claire denis and reunited Pattinson with the French actress Juliette Binoche (Chocolate). There the actor plays Monte, a man who lives on a spaceship to which he was sent because he had a death sentence.

Tenet (83%)

Trailer for “Tenet”. (Warner Bros)

This film suffered from delays due to the pandemic, but finally had its way through movie theaters. Here Pattinson is directed by one of the most prestigious directors in Hollywood, Christopher Nolan (which is now in the process of realizing Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb, starring Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders). In this movie, Pattinson he played an Englishman with a calm tone, which he even maintains in the most action scenes. It received 83% positive reviews.

batman (85%)

Trailer for “The Batman”. (Warner Bros.)

His most recent work, in which he risked bringing the superhero Batman to life under the direction of Matt Reeves. There was much to lose but much to gain, and Pattinson, once again, he decided to take on the challenge. The result was one of the best and the reviews gave thumbs up to his work as Bruce Wayne, the gentleman who watches over Gotham City’s security when he dons the Batman suit.

Z: the lost city (Lost City of Z87%)

Trailer for “Z: the lost city”. (A24)

It is an adventure story that premiered in 2016 in which Pattinson accompanied Charlie Hunnam, Tom Holland and Siena Miller, among others. This film follows the story of an English explorer, Percy Fawcett (hunnan), while Pattinson plays Corporal Henry Costin. The plot recounts the adventures of an exploration of Brazil, a country where these adventurers arrive in search of the Lost City Z in the Amazon region.

The Childhood of a Leader (88%)

Trailer for “The Childhood of a Leader”. (A24)

One of the films that Robert filmed with an intense plot, at times sinister with an overwhelming atmosphere. The actor plays here a journalist who has another hidden face that will be revealed as the film progresses. The plot tells of the childhood of a fascist leader after the end of the First World War. Collect one of the best grades on his paper by reaching 88% Rotten Tomatoes.

Good time: living on the edge (90%)

Trailer for “Good time: living on the edge”. (A24/BF Distribution)

One of Pattinson’s best performances in which he plays Connie, a bank robber. English newspaper review The Observer was categorical and highlighted the work of the actor: “Pattinson is absolutely convincing as Connie with Manson’s eyes, a manipulative force of nature. (alternately fascinating, disgusting, and pathetic) that leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.”

The lighthouse (96%)

Trailer for “The Lighthouse”. (A24)

A black and white film directed by Robert Eggers in which Robert Pattinson gives away one of the best performances of his career with Willem Dafoe. The story follows two New England lighthouse keepers who are left to their own devices as they lose what little sanity they have left. It is captivating, overwhelming and at times exasperating. The reviews were almost unanimous and were accompanied by many awards. Without a doubt, one of the best roles of Pattinson.


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