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On a day like today, May 13, 1986, I was born in London Robert Pattinson. The actor, who became known internationally for his participation in great cinematographic sagas (famous are his interpretations of Cedric Digory in Harry Potter and, above all, Eduard Cullen in the saga Twilight), turns 36 today as one of the most prominent names in the seventh art industry.

Image of brands such as Dior, the film producer also moved away for a few years from the most commercial productions to enter independent and auteur cinemastarring in movies like Cosmopolis, the queen of the desert either goodtime, demonstrating with his career that it was not just a pretty face that had achieved the honeys of success for being part of a literary and audiovisual phenomenon that conquered millions of teenagers around the world: there was something more.

In addition, his latest roles in films such as The Lighthouse or his performance as the superhero bat with batman They have earned him the respect of film critics. However, the Briton does not renounce his origins and is already famous for the response in which during a promotional interview with Zoe Kravitz the actor told him “It’s not even cool to be a Twilight hater anymore, it’s very 2010″ when her co-star claimed not to have seen any vampire saga movies.

His fans, who have been accompanying him in everything he does in almost 17 years of experience, have not wanted to miss such an important date for the actor, turning to social networks to make Trending Topic #HappyBirthdayRobertPattinson and share congratulations and best wishes on his birthday on his profiles. Then we leave you with a selection of the best congratulations:

From LOS40 we wish a great birthday to Robert Pattinson, who promises to continue accompanying us for many more years on the big screen while continuing to star in films that are already cinema history. At the moment we can be calm, because their participation in the second part of batman. Happy Birthday!

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