Robin Wright: after 4 years of marriage, the actress files for divorce from the Frenchy Clément Giraudet

After more than 5 years of love, Robin Wright and Clément Giraudet have decided to divorce. The American actress, the Frenchman, 18 years her junior, had however been separated for almost two months.

The end of a beautiful idyll. The American actress Robin Wright and her French husband Clement Giraudet have decided to separate after more than five years of love. According to TMZ, the former star of the series house of cards indeed filed for divorce Thursday, September 22. But according to the documents released by the American media, the couple had actually been separated since July 31. TMZ specifies that they would have liked to separate following “irreconcilable differences. The ex-spouses leave each other without scandal, however, because neither of them will fight to obtain money from the other.

Robin Wright and Clement Giraudet had met in 2017, before getting married in 2018. The ceremony took place in a small committee in a very bohemian spirit at La Roche-sur-le-Buis, in Drôme. Since then, the 56-year-old actress seemed overjoyed with the director of VIP relations at Yves Saint-Laurent, 18 years younger than her. “Today, in love, I am very happy. It feels good to find some happiness in my love life.” she confided in our columns in April 2021, taking the opportunity to also declare her love for France: “The fact that my husband is French is like the icing on the cake. I have always been in awe of all that France can represent. I love French culture, music, history… I must have been French in another life!”

Robin Wright supporter of PSG thanks to her ex-husband

Truly in love with France, Robin Wright had even explained that she had developed a certain passion for football in order to make her husband happy. Resigned but amused, too, she had specified to closely follow the course of PSG: “It’s mainly to please my man! I don’t want to disappoint him, so I show my support especially when it comes to his football team! But it took me some effort to understand some rules…”, confided the actress. Moreover, the first time that the two former lovebirds had been seen together was in September 2017 in the stands of the Parc des Princes during a PSG match in the Champions League.

Third divorce for Robin Wright

This is the third time that Robin Wright has seen her marriage end like this. The interpreter of Jenny in Forrest Gump was previously married to her costar of Santa Barbara, Dane Witherspoon. She then met Sean Pennin 1989 on the set of the thriller State of Grace. The two actors then married on April 27, 1996. The couple also welcomed two children: Dylan Francesborn in April 1991, and Jack Hopperin August 1993.

In the interview given to Closer in April 2021, Robin Wright returned to her years as a young mother, explaining that she had always encouraged her offspring to follow in her footsteps and those of their father in Hollywood studios. “They grew up on the sets from a very young age”, she confided, before adding: “And both of their parents are in the business, so it feels pretty natural to me. And they’re both really good actors.” Very excited about the idea that her children are following in her footsteps, the actress had even explained that she had closely followed their cinematographic education: “With Sean, we ‘forced’ them to watch great movies!”, she had joked. Now divorced, the couple continue to encourage Dylan and Hopper to pursue film careers. In 2021, the latter were also on the poster for Flag Day, a thriller directed by their father.

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