Rocco Tanica: “The music was suffocating me, now I really enjoy”


There is Rocco Tanica tonight 11 September, at 9 pm, at the Civic Theater of Gavi, protagonist of a special episode of the format «The artist’s suitcase» conducted by Michele Puleio. His book “The whitening of the soul” will be part of the narrative. And he will welcome suggestions from the audience to compose a song on the spot.

How was the title of the book born?
“From a free mental association. I like puns: the most effective ones come to mind between sleep and wakefulness. On the bedside table I have a notebook to fix sudden ideas. Returning to the title, I found it captivating to recall an aesthetic treatment, but the book is an open-hearted confession, a sort of autobiography. On the eve of the pandemic he was about to inspire a show. I hope to be able to achieve it, when the safety regulations in theaters are less unreasonable ».

But was the choice of title suffered?
«I was about to call him ‘Càpitano all in Sergino’. I would be Sergino when I was a child. It was a suggestion from a friend, tired of hearing me tell anecdotes: “Make us a book, at least everyone reads them”. Another option was “Hello Kitty explained to Al Qaeda”. I also had the cover ready with the Taliban taking notes.

It didn’t take him short to write the book.
“Four years: I didn’t have any urgencies, nor did they rush me. I’m a freak of the rhythm of phrases: legacy of a musician. I overturned chapters because I found too many slippery words. And I hate typos ».

Is it really autobiographical?
“It contains anecdotes of my life from kindergarten to recent times. But since they are not so glorious pages, I have stuffed in between some stories that seem autobiographical. But that’s not the case. For example, I have never worked for the Piedmont Region as an inventor of city names. And I never proposed to call Verbano Cusio Ossola Troubetzkopoli because the painter Troubetzkoy lived there ».


Will the next one be a novel?
“Hard. I love short stories because I see the beginning and the end and I understand them. I can’t listen to too many characters ».

Is music no longer your great love?
“Not the only one. I discovered it in the past 50 years. I thought I could do nothing but that and it was starting to weigh on me. I enjoyed the two hours of the concert, no longer before and after. After 2013 I was able to develop other interests such as writing, photography, graphics. And I live more serene. In short, it was like eating risotto, even good, for a lifetime and then discovering that there is more ».

It didn’t take him long to trust him.
“I still wonder why. For example in fiction. In “Dottoressa Giò” being the deputy chief Fabio Bracco and arresting Christopher Lambert does not happen at all. I am waiting for the fourth series: with regret for a kiss that I had to give to my girlfriend and the director has removed it from the script ».
What do you say about Professor Sestrieri in the Compagnia del Cigno?
«I thank the script written with skill and knowledge of the music sector. Often shooting scenes alongside Alessio Boni was fundamental. I felt like Donald Duck next to Jack Nicholson. ‘

What do you think of politically correct?
“It’s the tumor of comedy. There is a mistaken belief that being offended by a joke is being right. And this is said by Ricky Gervais, an incorrect comedian whom I adore, just as I adore in Italy Maurizio Milani, whom I enjoyed seeing again on TV after 12 years at Propaganda Live ».


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