Roger Waters and the Red Hot Chili Peppers: What’s the next gig coming to Memorial

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A series of important concerts will be held at the House of the Greatest before the end of November, including headlining concerts by the former leader of Pink Floyd and Red Hot.

Roger Waters and Anthony Kiedis.
© GettyRoger Waters and Anthony Kiedis.

The Monumental Stadium is the stage chosen by the world’s best artists. Taylor Swift gave three unforgettable shows in recent days, and now shows from Roger Waters and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are also coming. We tell you when the singing will take place and what care will be taken of the playground.

Pink Floyd’s former leader, Roger Waters, returned to Buenos Aires to play at the Monumental Stadium, where he gave a series of memorable concerts with his The Wall Tour in 2012. On this occasion, he will play at the house of Greatest on 21st and 22nd November and the house is expected to be full on both the days.

Just two days later the nights of good music will continue at the Memorial as the Red Hot Chili Peppers will perform on November 24 and 26.One of the most emblematic American bands of the last two decades, which has already toured the country on more than one occasion. Expect a full house at Monumental to see the Anthony Kiedis-led band.

But these concerts by Waters and Red Hot won’t be the last at Monumental in 2023 On December 2 and 3, Duque will be presented, one of Argentina’s urban artists who transcends borders and is popular among the youth. The last show in Núñez in 2023 will be presented by the pop band Tan Bionica, which is presenting its “Last Magical Night” in several stadiums in the country.

This was Taylor Swift’s stage at Monumental.

Giant recital to continue at Monumental Stadium until 2024: Maria Becerra to perform on March 23, which has already sold tickets. There are also strong rumors of the presence of the emblematic heavy rock band, Metallica, although it is still to be confirmed if this will happen and on what date the concert anticipated by many metal fans will take place.

How is the monument cared for during singing?

Rivers has signed a contract with a production company specifying how the monumental playing field should be looked after. It is made of a modern cover that protects the grass from getting injured. It should be noted that the land was damaged after The Weeknd’s show and this was due to the failure of the production company to remove the cover as more trucks than the prescribed limit entered and the area near Centenario and Belgrano was simply destroyed. They went.

How much does Rivera charge for singing?

The Greatest brings in approximately $15 million from hosting 20 concerts at Monumental. This amount is not insignificant in today’s time. Apart from the financial income, it is also a great opportunity to introduce the world to the majestic stadium that River has as artistes loved around the world perform.

Which recital will you go to see?

Which recital will you go to see?

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