“Romance” the French series from Europe Europe that captivates with a mix of drama and thriller

Jeremy is a loner, over thirty years old, his life seems to find no way to complete it. Music lover, jazz and rock n’ roll fanatic, he feels trapped in an era to which he doesn’t belong until he meets Wonderland.

Your visit to the New Year’s Eve party at the Parisian jazz club will change your life. Seduced by the photograph of a mysterious woman displayed on one of the walls of the bar, Jeremy will start working as a bartender and soon after, the Wonderland will be transformed into a temporary gate that will take him to the city of Biarritz in 1960.

Now he finds himself sixty years in the past in the height of summer in a seaside resort town attending the opening of a new nightclub. That first night on the beach he will meet Alice whom he will immediately identify as the woman in the photo that attracted him so much. From there, the plot will go through several lanes: The love story between the two protagonists and the mysterious secret that Alice hides that will also involve the painful aftermath of the war.

How far can Jeremy go for the love of his life? What is he capable of sacrificing for the woman he waited for so long and only found in the past that he idealized so much?
Hervé Hadmar developed the idea after reading the news of a camera collector who found a camera in the United States that still had a roll of photography of a woman in a bathing suit inside. The image was from the 1960s.

With that premise, he summoned Pierre Deladonchamps and Olga Kurylenko to develop a love story that unites a man from the 21st century with a woman from the 20th century. With excellent photography, setting and costumes, “Romance” takes us back to the ’60s with images that seem to be taken from an archive. As the creator of the series explained, to achieve the distinctive color and texture of old movies, women’s stockings were used in front of the camera lens to achieve the effect.

The fable says that on the highest floor of the Eiffel Tower, on New Year’s Eve, lost lovers meet. And that’s where Jeremy and Alice are destined to meet if the prophecy comes true. But we’ll have to watch all six episodes to find out.

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