Rome, Abraham in trouble: very high fine for the attacker

Not a good moment for Tammy Abraham, who received a very high fine directly at home: here is the reason.

Tammy Abraham (© LaPresse)

Run, Tammy, run!“. How many times has a man of culture like José Mourinho incited Abraham in this way, paraphrasing a famous film with Tom Hanks. Here, perhaps in the next few weeks it will be appropriate to invite the center forward to run, yes, but a little less. To make the period more bitter, or perhaps more salty, the English striker has indeed received a nice fine. For speeding, obviously.

While all of Rome awaits his goals, still too few compared to the expectations that had been placed on him, Abraham was met by an administrative sanction coming from London directly to his new Roman home. Not exactly the best to be able to focus on the next task in the field.

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Of course, surely there will be those who are worse off. For example, a few kilometers away, in the same hours, a Lazio player, Elseyd Hysaj, was met by another far more unpleasant fine, also due to an amount forty times higher than that given to the English striker. But the misfortunes of others cannot be a cause for joy, and so is Abraham all that remains is the bitterness for a fine which should serve as a lesson: those who go slowly, go healthy and go far.

Abraham: How much is the speeding fine

Abraham Genoa Rome
Abraham Genoa Rome (© LaPresse)

Speed ​​through the streets of London aboard a splendid Lamborghini certainly does not allow to go unnoticed. And so expensive too. Abraham learned this the hard way, who was met in Rome by a fine imposed for a transgression that occurred during his time at Chelsea. The attacker was in fact caught ad go at 47 mph on a road with a limit of 20. A fine that cost him not only a fine of 826 pounds (about 980 euros), but also and above all six points on his driving license.

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Specifically, as reported by the Scottish Sun, the fine itself is just over 600 pounds, plus a percentage to be allocated to a road victims fund and other miscellaneous expenses. In short, an unpleasant situation but which must serve as a warning as Abraham. Better to pay more attention, on and off the pitch, so as not to risk losing your job. Including the driver’s one.

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