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Roma officially presented the new midfielder clamored by Mourinho to improve the Giallorossi department

At 14 the Rome will present in the conference room of Trigoria, its second purchase of the winter market, that is Sergio Oliveira. The former midfielder Port, arrived in recent days, will reinforce the median of Josè Mourinho with its quality and above all its charisma. Portuguese comes to Rome with the formula of the loan with the right of redemption for a total amount of approximately 15 million euros. The new 27 Giallorossi could already make his debut in Sunday’s match at 18 against Cagliari, given the many absences in the Roma midfield. GM Tiago Pinto presented the new signing as follows: “” Two years ago neither of us could have thought of both being here together. I am very happy that he is here today, we have been opponents for many times. Sergio does not need an introduction. , has an international status that you all know. I’m happy to be able to welcome a good midfielder with a great desire to come to Rome “.

The club and Mourinho expect to increase the personality, do you feel ready at 29 to be able to help this team to have a winning mentality?I will answer in Portuguese, I will learn Italian but today I will speak in Portuguese. I am 29 years old, I have already proved my worth in football. I am at a mature age and I feel the responsibility to help Roma. As for personality, the coach is used to winning and having important players. Roma have many, I feel like one more who comes to help the team grow and achieve their goals “.

You are very cold on set pieces, especially in penalties. This year Roma have had weakness in this fundamental, do you expect to be able to become the penalty taker of Roma? “I often kick the placed but this is a decision that belongs to the coach. Roma have quality players such as Veretout and Pellegrini, who are two excellent specialists and it is clear that everyone can make mistakes. Hitting a penalty means taking on many responsibilities ”.

What convinced you to come to Rome, this year you played less in the port, why? Do you think you can stay in Rome for more than six months? “I am a footballer who likes challenges. I am grateful to Porto for making me grow a lot and bringing me to these levels. We were from a five year stint together, last season was the best for me both collectively and individually. I was in the mood for a new challenge, I’m not afraid to come here with the loan formula. I’m here to prove my worth both in training and in matches. I want to prove it by staying here for a long time and the best way to do it is to start winning games “.

Was the idea of ​​returning to the national team decisive for coming here to Rome? “My goal is to return to the national team and the coach knows it. Portugal must win the first match and then they could face Italy. Portugal certainly has all the cards to play the next World Cup ”.

You have defined yourself as a box to box midfielder but where do you think you express yourself best? “My favorite position is in a three-man midfield like number 8 or lower in a two-man midfield. I can play where the coach wants and where he needs it, where I can show my qualities and make them available to the team. ”

How do you explain this belated explosion on your part? “I think it was a normal path, not all of us are Mbappe who at 20 are world champions. It was a gradual growth. There have been difficulties on this path. I learned a lot both on and off the pitch. I feel like a person and a complete player but I would not change anything about my experiences, without them I would not be what I am today “.

After the friendly match this summer, what are your thoughts on Roma, what goals can they pursue? “It was a simple summer friendly, those matches are used to refine certain things. They both wanted to win and in the end it turned out to be tougher than expected. I have continued to follow Roma since that moment due to the presence of Pinto and Mourinho and I have established a relationship with Pellegrini. I believe that Roma can achieve great goals. The important thing now is to think game after game. We need to focus on Sunday’s match. We have to find a winning mentality, at the same time not to suffer the pressures that come from outside. Respect the work of journalists with your questions, but we must have the strength to put them aside and continue on our path ”.

Why did you choose number 27? “It has been my number for a long time and I feel very comfortable with this number.”

You have been here for almost three days, what has impressed you most of these days? “I was surprised by the quality of the team. The infrastructure is excellent. I was very well received by everyone and I thank them. I was already following Roma and seeing them also from the outside you can understand the movements that are useful on the pitch. Over time I will feel more and more at ease and things will improve. ”

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