Romeo Santos in Chile: This is the setlist that he would perform at the Movistar Arena

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Romeo Santos will be presented at the Movistar Arena this March 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29 and 30 in what will be a record in the country, since it is the first time that any artist appears nine times at the Parque O’Higgins compound during a stop on his tour.

The tour that brings the American to Santiago is his tour “Formula Vol. 3”, the same name as his fifth album as a soloist, which he released in September of the year. In this record work there are collaborations with different artists such as rosalia with the theme “the handkerchief” and Justin Timberlake Who does the song play with?Endless”.

Romeo Santos’ career began with the group Adventure in 1993. However, in 2011, the group broke up. In these decades of career, the artist has been invited to the Viña Festival three timesonce with his old group and on the other two occasions, he was invited to show his project as a soloist.

Throughout his successful career, the singer has accumulated different singles with which he has achieved worldwide recognition, such as “Indecent Proposal”, “You Are Mine”, “Ella y Yo”, among others. It is for this reason that in TimeXwe made the possible setlist that the American would perform in his nine concerts at the Movistar Arena.

Romeo Santos concert poster / Credits: Instagram

This is the setlist that Romeo Santos would perform at the Movistar Arena

  1. the handkerchief
  2. the devil
  3. You’re mine
  4. Sea
  5. Love songs
  6. Hate
  7. Endless
  8. promise
  9. I drink
  10. copycat
  11. Foolish
  12. Dog
  13. Take me with you
  14. Overdose
  15. siri
  16. I returned
  17. She wants to drink (Remix)
  18. X if we come back
  19. Night of sex
  20. Mother-in-law
  21. Boomerang
  22. Only with me
  23. Little angel / Contempt / Mother’s love / The bad guy / The little novel / Teach me to forget
  24. tell him love
  25. the infidels
  26. my little heart
  27. Wedding
  28. Just for a kiss
  29. It is not love
  30. Her footprints
  31. Indecent Proposal

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