Rómulo Otero is “raffled” in training to count again for Juan Reynoso

The Venezuelan midfielder is erased after a series of situations that the Peruvian coach did not like.

Otero is separated from the team
© picture 7Otero is separated from the team

Cruz Azul will not go with the entire squad to face Tigres UANL in the first leg of the Clausura 2022 quarterfinals. In addition to the injured Carlos Rodríguez and Pablo Aguilar, Luis Ángel Mendoza and Rómulo Otero They will not be part of the celestial entourage for these first 90 minutes at the Fiesta Grande either.

The first of this duo was erased several days ago and his role was limited to minutes with the U-20. Since the sky blues have been eliminated in the tournament of basic forces, it is unlikely that John Reynoso call in such a decisive instance a footballer with whom he did not count in the last two months.

Otero, on the other hand, had a series of behavioral situations that the coach would not have liked. According to press reports, ‘El Escorpión’ put on a bad face when Reynoso asked him for more commitment when it came to defending, and, in addition, he even told the fans and the media at a training session that he would not be called up for a match, something that the players are completely forbidden.

After this, Reynoso ‘crossed’ the Venezuelan midfielder. However, and according to information from journalist Daniel Sandoval, Otero is determined to reverse this situation. Always and according to the communicator, the ‘red wine’ was the last to leave the facilities of La Noria with the intention of working “overtime”.

“It’s deleted”

“The last player who left La Noria this Wednesday was Rómulo Otero, who has been deleted and once again was not summoned by Juan Reynoso“, is read in a tweet from the journalist. Now, it is time to wait for the outcome of a relationship that started crooked from the beginning, but everything indicates that it will end with the departure of Rómulo for the next tournament.

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