Rosa Saito’s hair, the beauty tricks of the 71-year-old model

Rosa Saito isn’t exactly new to the world of fashion. She though she started her career a bit later than most mainstream supermodels. For those who don’t know her, you can be inspired by her story of how she managed to escape and conquer the status quo. With beauty standards at the highest level, who would have expected a 71-year-old woman to become a famous supermodel.

Rosa Saito, the beauty tricks of the 71-year-old model: "That's how I keep it that way"

Rosa Saito, formally known as Setsuko Saito, has always been drawn to the artistic side of life. Her passions led her childhood through the most diverse forms of creativity. She from singing to drawing and writing. The world may know her as a supermodel. She but she only found out at the age of 68. In an interview with Brightside, Ella Rosa said: “I always knew that I was going to look for something creative, something that came to mind. Everything I do I take from that side. Rosa was the daughter of a Japanese couple and was born in Araçatuba, São Paulo. When she was only five years old, she moved to the capital of Brazil. She remembered her time in her class when she was a child. “I was the only one who filled the classroom walls with drawings, telling a story,” Rosa said.

Rosa Saito did not have an easy life. she had to face tumultuous difficulties, which challenged her immensely. First, when one in two 22-year-olds went to college or started a new career, Ella Rosa cared for her sick and bedridden mother. In 2000, she lost her husband. She later raised her three children alone. However, she kept her passion for gardening, which she used as a therapeutic hobby. “It is important to look for and find yourself. And my moment of peace is with them (plants). I go to my garden and talk to them,” Rosa said.

Rosa Saito, the 71-year-old supermodel

When Rosa Saito was 68 years old, she was approached by a modeling agency. At this point in her lie, she was still using her birth name, Setsuko. Two model scouts approached her and asked her to join the agency. So, she even asked a photographer if she was interested. After these three requests, Ella Rosa finally agreed to give it a try. “Twice it was done by professionals from the Mega modeling agency and once by a photographer. I let the idea mature for a year, after all it had also cost money, it was not something I ventured into like that, blindly. Until I decided to take the risk,” said Saito.

A year later, Rosa entered the industry and became an overnight sensation. She later changed her Instagram account to Rosa Saito so that fans of hers could pronounce her name. She now has around 22,000 followers. However, fame is not the goal. “I just try to do my best in what I have lovingly embraced and found myself again,” she says. “I thought: I know what God wants. If I don’t try, I’ll never know.”

Rosa’s beauty tips

Rosa swears that her beauty is natural. She even in childhood she was brought up humbly and without the use of chemicals. After hinting that even aspirin wasn’t an option growing up, she opened up about the herbal route that goes into her self-care routine. “It was all about the tea and, deep down, I am like that, a little against chemistry. So I’ve always been careful with aloe, coconut oil, olive oil,” she says. She also said, “It’s the natural way of being for us. Of course, as a woman, there are some things that I would like to change, of course we all have them, but I am not dissatisfied with myself. I feel beautiful with myself.

However, with all the natural products that Rosa Saito uses, her main beauty trick is to be in harmony with herself. She feels that beauty has a lot to do with character. “The beauty itself lies in really taking care of your thoughts, your spirituality. The person can become beautiful, captivating and kind, this is much more than all tense and perfect beauty. It is the content that matters, in my opinion,” said Rosa.

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