Rosalia breakup | Rav Alejandro makes an obvious decision that involves Rosalia: He completely ends everything.

Rav Alejandro makes an obvious decision that involves Rosalia: He completely ends everything.

It seems that the feud between Rosalia and Rau Alejandro is not stopping, even though the couple has already separated. and it’s the same A new controversy has arisen following rumors of infidelity: “He has stopped following her”.

Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, known artistically as Raúl Alejandro, is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, music producer and dancer. He belongs to the “new generation” of Puerto Rican urban musicians. Her debut studio album, Afrodisiako, was released in 2020. While his second studio album, Vice Versa, released in June 2021, included the lead single, the hit “Todo de Ti”., He has won a Latin Grammy Award out of four nominations.

He was born in San Juan and raised between Canovanas and Carolina, Puerto Rico. His father, guitarist Raul Ocasio, and his mother, showgirl Maria Ruiz, introduced him to some of his musical influences such as Americans Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. For several years, he and his father lived in the United States, mainly in Miami and New York City, where they were inspired by R&B and dancehall styles. Alejandro and fellow Puerto Rican rapper Anuel Ea have been friends since childhood; They both went to the same school and attended classes together.

As a child, he competed in school talent shows because he had a passion for dance. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico. From the age of six until the age of twenty, he also played football, but later gave it up because he “could not perform as expected” and suffered an injury at the age of twenty; He moved to Orlando, Florida to try scouting to play in the Premier Development League (PDL), but was ultimately unsuccessful. After leaving football, he fell into a slight depression, so to improve his mental state, he decided to become an actor, his career lasted only two months, and since he didn’t want to act anymore, he decided to pursue acting. Started. Music career and started posting songs through SoundCloud in 2014.

tough decision

Rav Alejandro wants to end any controversy and has decided to erase any public traces of his private life. For this reason, he has taken his Instagram account and deleted everything. The artist has removed all his photos and He has removed any trace of his account in which his former Rosalia appeared.

But that’s not all, RAW Alejandro has stopped pursuing Rosalia and now they are more distant than ever. The singer has also ‘unfollowed’ all the people he followed and left the counter at zero. After all, ever since the break between the two singers became official, The Catalan artist has not been seen anywhere and has not spoken about his break with the Puerto Rican…

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