Rosalía claims not to wear makeup with a photo of the real texture of her skin

    Naturalness has become fashionable -and we are delighted- among the ‘celebrities’ and ‘influencers’ that we see in our ‘for you’ sections on TikTok and the ‘feed’ on Instagram. We’ve already been impressed with Lady Gaga, not only showing off her actual skin texture, but also her most ‘comfy’ look at the Oscars that she fell in love with: jeans, Converse and no makeup. Even others like zendaya they have left us like the emoji putting their hands to their faces in WhatsApp when leaving ‘washed face’ like who says We adore naturalness! And now the ‘motomami’, Rosalía, has joined this trend, who has added a new photo without makeup and in a swimsuit.

    The fashion trends that we have been discovering in recent months include everything: from two-thousander ‘trends’ such as the thong over the pants (with Dua Lipa or Rosalía herself) to transparencies in all possible ways. And no one can tell us that we haven’t seen outfits with the ‘Wednesday’ aesthetic (yes, the Netflix series that swept through). Now all of it is coming together effortless fashionwhich we love because it is a constant ‘mood’.

    Rosalía, one of the singers who has gone viral in recent years, has shared a series of images on her personal Instagram account in which she has boasted of incredible real texture of her skin without makeup. She has done it with some photos in a swimsuit and her fans have been blown away by how awesome she is.

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    And if we go through the comments section, we have melted with her boy, Rauw Alejandro, from whom has boasted these days in an interview for Ibai Llanos. Look at the little message of love that he has left you. We love them!

    rauwalejandro: envdd no, I just love you 🙃

    Álvaro Alonso is a current affairs and ‘celebrities’ editor at Cosmopolitan and an expert on celebrities and Y2K culture for several years.

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