Rosalía Motomami World Tour 2022 Rosalía in Bilbao | Motomami World Tour 2022: Rosalía Motomami World Tour 2022: short nails, ‘manga’ braids and a schoolgirl skirt

Rosalía’s metamorphosis in Bilbao: short nails, ‘manga’ braids and a schoolgirl skirt / Pedro Urresti

The Catalan singer arrives at the BEC with her tour ‘Motomami World Tour 2022’, revealing a clear change in musical and stylistic register

Rosalía’s change of record on her new album ‘Motomami’ is not the result of chance. The Catalan artist has achieved something special and distinguishable that goes beyond the musical genre. Her new lyrics and sounds – diametrically opposed to what she had accustomed us to – are the result of years in a studio that reach their maximum splendor now, on stage. The ‘Motomami World Tour 2022’ tour, which started in Almería at the beginning of the month, has landed with all its potential at the BEC, where thousands of Bilbao fans had been queuing since early in the morning. On stage, a new ‘performance’ with a strong visual component: a neutral stage, without musicians, with a top-level male dance corps and her, without logos, or gold, or infinite nails, or more stylistic display than a unique look and a bata de cola 3.0 for the final touch. The non-verbal language of fashion speaks for itself again to reveal what the new Rosalía is like.

Pedro Urresti

His clothes intrinsically carry a message that goes beyond fashion. «I am very much mine, I transform myself», reads one of the verses of ‘Saoko’, the hit with which he knocked down the Biscayan pavilion tonight. And she has transformed, musically and aesthetically. Rosalía keeps the essentials and strips away that ‘ratchet’ essence that elevated her to the Olympus of trends to embrace a somewhat more restrained image, with brushstrokes that continue to remind us of the Y2K style and new ones that transport us to the ‘anime’ culture. ‘, very much in keeping with the new sounds on their album.

There are no longer tracksuits, or ‘Vuittones’, or sports shoes. Now there are leather jackets, skirts and boots that extend past the knee. No more long, beaded nails or blinding eyeshadow. Now, there is a common manicure, simple ‘eyeliner’ and two very long braids reminiscent of manga. The rags look is over, the ‘Motomami’ style is here and it has been made known at the BEC. Unlike other great divas, the singer has gone on stage with a look and has come down with the same, she does not need anything else. The styling is part of her ‘show of her’, but it is not the protagonist, that’s what she is for.

Pedro Urresti

In Bilbao: between the ‘manga’ style and the schoolgirl look

In the 9 concerts that Rosalía has given on this new tour, for the moment, she has brought out three stylistic tricks in different colors. Three types of looks from different designers, among which are those of the Spanish Pepa Salazar, who have been turning around white, electric blue and red. In Bilbao, she has fired heavy artillery repeating the model she chose for the concerts in Almería, Málaga and Valencia. We are talking about a look that drinks from different sources of inspiration. On the one hand, the schoolgirl aesthetic, also used by other national artists such as Rigoberta Bandini on her current tour, as we could see in the latest edition of BBK Live.

Pedro Urresti

Those ‘mini’ and pleated skirts are not new, but rather take us back to the imaginary of the seventh art and to the institutes of the famous American series, films and video clips of the late 90’s.’ How examples? The mythical ‘Clueless’ and the Scottish tartan skirts, or the first uniforms with which we discover Britney Spears and hers ‘Baby, One More Time’ of hers. Taking a time jump to the present day, we focus on the catwalk and on firms such as Miu Miu, which has once again rescued this trend taken to the extreme: with a very, very low waist and a very, very short length.

As always, the new generations echo everything that happens in the upper echelons of fashion to version it on the street. The ‘influencers’ and queens of Instagram have already tried the benefits of these skirts with 90s tints, as is the case of Alba Díaz, the daughter of El Cordobés and Vicky Martín Berrocal, who has opted for Cavalli’s ‘vintage’ design.

For her part, the architect of the design that Rosalía has worn in Bilbao is the Australian Dion Lee, a 36-year-old designer who was born in Sydney and who created his own firm in 2009. That same year he debuted at Australian Fashion Week and he was the first creator to perform a staging at the Sydney Opera House. In 2021, he began to take his first steps in international fashion weeks and soon began to have the support of the ‘celebrities’ that made him jump to world fame. Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence or Meghan Markle are some of her acolytes, a list of the ‘star system’ to which Rosalía now joins.

Pedro Urresti

The look, identical in shape and color to the one she wore in Fuengirola on July 14, is made up of a ribbed sweater with extra-long sleeves and contrasting shoulder pads, with geometric shapes in different textures. The skirt, for its part, is a pleated design in a ‘mini’ version, with a side opening and double buckle fastening. He puts the point ‘Motomami’ with red leather boots, ‘over-the-knee’ and platform to round off the ‘total look’. On this occasion she has also worn two braided pigtails, but, unlike the other concerts, this time she has put them on as a polished updo, maintaining those intentional references to the manga aesthetic, with small extra braids and makeup that gave a fantasy touch to your eyebrows.

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