Rosario Rodríguez Barraza: A searcher mother was murdered when leaving a mass in honor of her disappeared son in Sinaloa

Rosario Rodríguez poses with a photo of her missing son, Fernando Abixahy Ramírez.
Rosario Rodríguez poses with a photo of her missing son, Fernando Abixahy Ramírez.Scarlett Nordahl and Marcos Vizcarra (#Until We Find Them)

At the end of a mass in honor of her son who has been missing since 2019, the activist Rosario Rodríguez Barraza was kidnapped and murdered in the municipality of La Cruz de Elota, in the State of Sinaloa, in northern Mexico. Two weeks earlier, the searcher mother denounced in a video the inaction of the authorities to find her son Fernando Abixahy Ramírez. “Whoever took my son is detained in San Luis Río Colorado and the Prosecutor’s Office tells me that nothing can be done,” she warned in the recording released by the group Until Finding Them.

Rodríguez Barraza, 44, was kidnapped by an armed commando on Tuesday night, when she was with her minor son. The plagiarism occurred on the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearance, for which there were several protests throughout the country. Hours before, the governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya, held a meeting with relatives of disappeared persons in the state.

“When one of his sons found out his mother was missing on Tuesday, he called 911. To no avail, they had him on the line for minutes without sending a single patrol. No one looked for Rosario Lilián and this August 31, one day after her disappearance, she was found murdered, ”the group has denounced Until Finding Them. The body of the member of the Corazones sin Justicia collective was found next to the municipality’s train tracks, according to local media.

A woman accompanies agents during a search organized by the ‘Hearts without justice’ collective.Photo: hearts without justice | Video: Scarlett Nordahl/Marcos Vizcarra (#Until We Find Them)

The governor of Sinaloa reported on Wednesday the murder of the seeking mother, and assured that they will take measures “so that a thorough investigation is carried out to find those guilty of such a cunning crime.” “My solidarity for her loved ones and for the groups of seekers and seekers of her relatives,” Rocha Moya published on her Twitter account. The State Prosecutor’s Office has not given details of the crime. Meanwhile, the state Public Security Secretariat reported that it maintains an operation with municipal and military police near the activist’s home.

The woman was constantly threatened for her search, according to the collective Until Finding Them. “They had already sprayed gasoline on her house to set it on fire, they tried to make her other son disappear, on one occasion they took a truck from her and returned it to her the next day,” according to the organization. “The last time she went out to search, a Municipal Police patrol approached her with a civilian who was not a police officer to ask her ‘well, ma’am? What are you looking for?’ his son,” he continues.

In a one-minute video that she recorded with the group for a family search project in Mexico, the activist denounced the impunity of the authorities and the persecution against her for looking for her son. Fernando Abixahy Ramírez disappeared on October 16, 2019, in the municipality of La Cruz de Elota. “I have searched for him day and night and nothing. The only thing I know is that some armed men took him away in a white car, I filed a complaint with the Mazatlan Prosecutor’s Office and nothing. I brought videos, witnesses and to date they have not solved anything for me, ”warned the woman.

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