Rowling attacks the main British LGBT associations

Between September 26 and October 5, JK Rowling has posted numerous tweets to tackle Mermaidsan association that supports transgender minors and their parents.

Mermaids in particular offers a telephone line to ask for help, and advice on how to go through your transition as safely as possible. The association had also published an open letter to JK Rowling, calling for a meeting and dialogue during the first controversies, and which has remained a dead letter.

This attack follows a first stand against Stonewallthe main British LGBT association (JK Rowling funded a lawsuit against Stonewall to the tune of tens of thousands of euros), and in the context ofa lawsuit between Mermaids to an association supported by JK Rowling.

Mermaids vs. LGB Alliance

Mermaids recently filed a lawsuit against another group, the LGB Alliance, to request that the latter’s recognition as a charity be reconsidered. Indeed, the ” Lesbian Gay and Bi Alliance“, which presents itself as an association to defend the rights of LGB people (but not Trans, queer, intersex, asexual…) has above all the feats of arms of advocate against trans rightswhich should disqualify it from this status.

His fights are, for example, complicate access to puberty blockers (yet used for years to treat precocious puberty) for trans people. Members of the Alliance claim that the ” trans activists convert gay people into trans people (For what purpose? Money!), and that these “conversions” must therefore be prevented.

Bisexual trans people are excluded of the LGB Alliance, although they are bisexual. One of its founders, Alison Bailey, a close friend of JK Rowling, is also behind the lawsuit against Stonawall, the main British LGBT+ association. The supporters of the LGB Alliance are, according to its own figures, mostly straight people.

At war with the sirens

In this context, Rowling therefore attacked in a virulent way Mermaids. In particular, she publicly protested that the association provides free binders (which are used by trans men to flatten their chests) or accompanies the use of puberty blockers “behind the backs of parents”.

However, these are normal practices; in the same way that family planning can accompany minors in an abortion, or in the proper use of a condom or the pill, without consulting the parents whether this would endanger the young people in question or that they would oppose it. Use binders fortune, or misusing them, can have consequences; so it makes sense tosupport in this practice to reduce the risks. This is the role of an association. All like abortions, if no one accompanies the practice, it still takes place but in worse conditions.

Rowling then rejoiced when these “revelations” sparked an investigation into the charity status of Mermaids. But that still wasn’t enough.

Guilty of referring teenagers to Discord

An article from Timessingled out for misleading title, catches the author’s attention. The article, titled ” Trans charity’s children’s forum slammed as dangerous Wild West“, begins as follows:

The first sign of danger was the dick pick. Katie didn’t know her 14-year-old son was chatting with strangers on a secret Mermaidsbefore discovering several explicit photos on his phones.

You conclude that the explicit photos circulate on the forum of Mermaids ? Well, much further, the journalist explains that in reality, these photos come from strangers with whom this child was chatting on a Discord server not affiliated with Mermaids ! A group of teenagers, who had met via the forum of Mermaids, wanted to continue talking to each other; a Mermaids forum moderator suggested that they create a space on Discord to chat with each other; and LA they chatted with strangers who sent them explicit photos.

Rowling rushed at those who pointed out the misleading nature of the article and its title. In particular, she accused Mermaids to have directed these teenagers towards a dangerous platform ” known for its explicit content“. Yes, JK Rowling is now at war with Discord.

How many of you readers are guilty of the same crime of inviting a friend to this dangerous platform?

By the way, she attacked the director of the publication of PinkNews, one of the UK’s leading LGBT media outlets. Calling the site ” putaclic fiction“, when he complained of receiving abusive messages after being named by the author.

When Big Pharma gets involved.

The attack did not stop there, however. Rowling still couldn’t get enough. As part of its proceedings against the LGB Alliance, Mermaids had to shed light on his entire administrative team. It then turned out that one of the members of the board of directors (appointed in July 2022) had made questionable remarks 10 years ago, minimizing the seriousness of pedophilia.

From this revelation, Mermaids launched an internal investigation and dismissed the board member. But this immediate action is not not enough for Rowling; she prefers to ignore it and present the appointment of this member of the board of directors as proof of support for her opinion. It formulates it as if the association had appointed it with full knowledge of the facts.

Whereas the association acted as soon as the problem was reported ; that this adviser had only been in place for 3 months in a role which did not put him in contact with the public; that his opinion has been condemned by many prominent members of the trans community… JK Rowling continues to act as if this person is representative of ” his enemies. She tackled the celebrities who have supported this association (of which Emma Watson is a part).

And, to those who indicate that, precisely, the member of the council has been dismissed, she responds by evoking ” a movement accommodating to rapists, pedophiles and Big Pharma” (a conspiracy theory that medical establishments and pharmaceutical companies organize themselves in spite of the common good, for financial gain).

Attacks that have consequences

Today the association Mermaids had to close his hotline and will reduce operating hours in the coming weeks, as the number of abusive telephone calls has been high. A service that potentially saves lives on a daily basis had to close in particular because of repeated attacks by JK Rowlingwhich spreads biased information to its followers.

As Chris Rankin points outincarnation of Percy Weasley, hate crimes against trans or non-binary people are up 56% in the UK compared to the same period last year.

While Rowling isn’t leading these attacks alone, she’s shamelessly amplifying them. She positions herself at the head of a real movement which claims not to want to impact transgender people but which, by its actions and its lies, stirs up hatred towards them.

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