Roy Barreras assured that the faculties of Medicine are selling the quotas for the specializations

President of the Senate, Roy Barreras.  Photo: Infobae
President of the Senate, Roy Barreras. Photo: Infobae

Through his Twitter account, the president of the Senate, Roy Barrerasrevealed a serious complaint by several private medical schools in Colombia, apparently, they would be selling quotas for specialization in different branches of medicine, disguising the charges as donations.

According to the politician and medical surgeon he published: “They tell me that in several private Faculties of Medicine they “sell” the quotas for specialization, disguising the charge as “donations” for up to 300 million pesos”.

“@CarolinaCorcho. The best students if they are humble cannot specialize! We will investigate!”, Senator Roy Barreras wrote on his Twitter account”, concluded Barreras.

Without further details of the situation, Barreras transferred him to the Designated Minister of Health, Carolina Corcho, warning in this way of the corresponding investigations.

The new president of the Senate denounced Faculties of Medicine that sell quotas for specialization by disguising the payment.  Photo: Twitter @RoyBarreras
The new president of the Senate denounced Faculties of Medicine that sell quotas for specialization by disguising the payment. Photo: Twitter @RoyBarreras

It is worth mentioning that, Roy Barreras in his first year of government or before the end of 2022, intends to process the main reforms of the government of Gustavo Petro. For this reason, he asked the ministers to accelerate the structuring of the initiatives so that they are filed on August 7.

We from the bench of the Historical Pact have begged the ministers, also in an unprecedented way, to start working ahead of time, before being ministers because they have not yet been sworn in, so that working at forced marches they have August 7 ready the reforms and file them on August 8Barreras mentioned.

Together with Gustavo Petro they structured 12 urgent reforms that the government will process in the first period of ordinary sessions with dates of first and second debate.

The schedule that we have designed allows, with the will of the majority coalition and the ministers, that we have all the reforms approved in this semester. I know it is ambitious, but we hope to have all the reforms approved before November 30 and not have the rush of December”ad.

Roy Barreras and David Racero, presidents of the Senate and the Chamber, were criminally denounced for “exceeding their functions”

Thirteen days after taking office, the presidents of the Senate and the House, Roy Barreras and David Racero they were criminally denounced for allegedly having “exceeded their functions.” This August 1, it was learned that legal actions were filed against him in which it is argued that the congressmen do not have the power to modify the final list of ten eligible for the Comptroller’s Office.

We request to initiate a process to determine if there are criminal responsibilities regarding the crime of prevarication by action, concussion, influence peddling, conspiracy to commit a crime and that consequently can generate a loss of investiture”, reads the complaint.

It is necessary to mention that the complaint was filed preventively, since in reality the list of those eligible has not yet been modified.

Just last week Racero and Barreras announced that they will form an accidental commission that will determine if the list of those eligible for the Comptroller General should be drawn up again. Both maintain that they will carefully review the profile of the candidates for the position in order to guarantee the transparency of the process.

The Presidency of the Senate and the Presidency of the Chamber decided to convene a new accidental commission to be able to fill the vacancy that there is at this moment in the shortlist, but that there are really 10 for the election of the comptroller in the House of Representatives. It goes along the same path as the official letter that we signed to extend the deadlines to be able to definitively choose the comptroller”, Racero said on July 27.


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