RTVE responds to complaints about Eurocup ‘football saturation’ in its schedule

Like every last Sunday of the month, this June 20th Maria Escario headed a new delivery RTVE Answers which in this case focused almost the majority of its content on sports.

A hearing advocate spoke to Rosana RomeroRTVE’s sports director, about the 400 hours of the Paris Olympics that will be broadcast on TVE. Just as he had said with Victor Sanchez – Director of Media and Operations TVE – on La 1 and La 2 grids.

Escario went on to report one of the most common inconveniences associated with sports broadcast in public places: “Since the start of the Eurocup, many, many of you have written to us with complaints about the intensity of football. on almost all RTVE channels (…) RTVE had to explain this. To do this, we invited the director of Antenna and programming, Gemma Sanchez Couple“.

The board looked into the camera to clarify the decisions made by the organization: “Both the European Cup and the Olympic Games sporting events of general interest of European and international characterThat’s why we developed a multi-channel and multi-platform broadcasting strategy so that viewers can find this content across all of our channels.”

He then gave an example of what had happened: “Sometimes the broadcasts will be exclusive to La 1, and sometimes they will be on both La 2 and Teledeporte or on the same network. This is because sometimes sporting events coincide in time and we have to distribute them on different channels. For now We try to ensure that La 1 has news programs and has the least possible influence on information. what we can offer as a public channel.”

Resolve by clarifying the following emissions: “Some Eurocup matches can be watched simultaneously on La 2 and Teledeporte, so that the event can be seen on as many channels as possible. our group. Until recently, La 2 had greater coverage than Teledeporte. A few months ago, after the reorganization of DTT, both channels have the same coverage, but the number of citizens who have access to La 2 is still greater than Teledeporte, so we facilitate access to the same content through both channels, and we all win.”

After Sanchez Pareja’s explanation, Escario took the floor and added: “This is RTVE’s explanation, and now, as a defender, I have to tell you that The general principles of programming stipulate that RTVE media should not renounce the goal of achieving a prominent position in front of the audience.but they also say that viewer leadership is not the end for RTVE, that is, for the audience, not everything is worth it,” he concluded.

It should be remembered that the rights to the Eurocup cost around 40 million euros with the aim of making its broadcast attractive to viewers and thus attracting a large audience. It is therefore logical that TVE amortizes these investments, especially in La 1 – where 38 of the 51 matches in the competition will be broadcast.– with very good results, as shown by the June audience (weeks during which the public channel rose by almost three points and equaled the leadership of the month with Antena 3).

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