Ruby Nikara attacked in the middle of the night, the video shocks internet users

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– Published on August 03, 2022 at 10:02

Ruby Nikara was the victim of an attack in the middle of the street. The young woman wanted to show that she is free to come and go, in the middle of the night, in the outfit of her choice.

Remember, Ruby Nikara rose to prominence after having makes the buzz on social networks. The pretty brunette has put up for sale the dirty water of her bath as well as her lingerie worn at exorbitant prices. The videos have gone viral, to the point of seeing the influencer guest on the Touche set not at my post. The 27 year old young woman proclaim rapper and readily compares herself to Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. His provocative clips are, moreover, available on his YouTube account. The comments made by Ruby Nikara on Cyril Hanouna’s show created several controversies. The latter had tried to explain her activity. ” I do myself good in the bath and I resell. Everything is sold and everything is bought. » She also swung: “To me the Lamborghinis!” ». A sentence that quickly made Cyril Hanouna react, who swung at him: “To you there bullshit above all ! “.

Ruby Nikara isn’t afraid to say out loud what she’s thinking. And it must be said that the young artist is not shy. The brunette had violently defended after Delphine Wespiser accused her of ” michtonnage in the famous C8 talk show. The journalist Clément Garin revealed, a few days later, in Touche pas à mon poste: “Ruby Nikara claims not to make pornography : I invite you to go to xHamster and type his name. Investigative journalism all the way“. In addition, Ruby Nikara had assured on her social networks that her product placements would have investment license in real estate, between Paris and Dubai.

Ruby Nikara, queen of provocation

Always ready to play the card of the provocation, Ruby Nikara has just reoffended on social networks. The rapper filmed herself in the street, in what she presents as a piece ” hot. Dressed in a little blue dress that reveals her shapes, she explains: ” There, it’s 2am, I’m in the street, I’m dressed quite sexy, minidress. So me, I’m not afraid of anyone, I’m a real rapper and no one is going to to lack respect. » In a second extract, Ruby Nikara continues to film herself while speaking to a man. ” You look down, you look down she orders him several times. The latter then seems to throw himself on her and the video stops abruptly. The video, which went viral, did not fail to shocked the Web.

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