Ruddy Esports Valorant roster announced after PRG Gauntlet

The Ruddy Esports Valorant roster has been publicly revealed, with the London esports organization saying it wants to “take over the UK scene.”

The squad includes players from the United Kingdom. Onion, Deqadz, Stacked and W1LLfurther Piran.

While players have already been competing together in games like the PRG Gauntlet (more on that below), it’s the first time Ruddy has shouted about it in one of his signature comedic videos, in the ‘reporter’ persona. Patricio Paul Batisse (who definitely isn’t Regan, co-owner of Ruddy with a gray wig) interviewing the co-owner donjake.

“We can confirm that a fantastic roster has been assembled to take over the UK scene.” Ruddy said. “Lots of young players with potential, and Stacked, who is around 43 years old. It’s safe to say they all deserve to wear the badge and we’ll be excited to see them compete in any Leagues dot GG tournament that actually works.”

The news comes as Ruddy is in Korea right now for the League of Legends World Championship, interviewing professional players and producing content.

Ruddy Regan also recently partnered with the popular UK League streamer. Caedrel for the 2023 World Cup rap song ‘TheShy is Back’.

Ruddy Esports Valorant Squad Wins PRG Gauntlet

The Ruddy Esports Valorant roster already won a community team deathmatch (TDM) tournament earlier this month.

They won the PRG Gauntletwhich was organized by a UK esports and content organization. Compare.

32 teams and about 182 players participated, including organizations such as the United Kingdom. Angry also and competing Globox finishing second.

“Paragon Gauntlet was an opportunity for Paragon to elevate the community by offering a well-organized, exciting and eventful product. Thanks to our sponsors, AGON by AOC and Sweetcabin, we were able to offer a great prize pool with 15 monitors and also do giveaways for the community.” Paragon community manager Aston Hollingsworth told Esports News UK.

“We hope to create more engaging tournaments using different and specialized game modes in the future.”

Marcus MacSween, CEO of ParagonHe added: “Even with the ups and downs, we are very happy with the overall feedback we have received from the teams and event spectators; We definitely intend to do more grassroots events like this, regardless of the game. or form.”

The match ended mid-tournament when Riot’s anti-cheat activates during the PRG Gauntlet

The PRG Gauntlet also saw some unusual antics. Riot’s anti-cheat was activated during the first round of the stream.

Three people in the CES Wolves The team was suspended after playing one game in the tournament and were all playing at the New Meta gaming cafe in north London. They were later unbanned, so it may have been an intellectual property issue.

“As we’re sure many of you have seen in our first streamed game, Valorant Vanguard detected a cheater on one of the teams. “While it was highly unexpected, we put competitive integrity first and this team was immediately disqualified from the event,” Paragon said in a tweet.

Organizers also told Esports News UK that people have been asking for more team deathmatch tournaments in the future, and there are also plans to host a League of Legends tournament in the future.

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