Rudi’s tribute, “Chacho stay” and Almeida’s “just another shirt” mark Real Madrid’s Liga Celebration | Relief

When the Real Madrid bus arrived at Puerta del Sol at ten minutes to six, loud applause filled the area to the sounds of the club’s centennial anthem. The white team that Less than 24 hours have passed since he won the Endesa League title in Murcia., was received in the best possible way. Although with three main characters. The first, Rudy Fernandez, was presented as a gift to both the Community of Madrid and the city council of the capital. The second, Sergio Rodriguez, who was shouted at everywhere he went.”Chacho, stay“, after rumors of his retirement. And the third, of course, is the team. The one that achieved the treble this season and continues to make history.

“It was a very long and difficult season. We are very proud of the work we have done. Now it’s time to get some rest and hopefully we’ll be back soon. Thanks to the people around the team, They don’t score goals, but it wouldn’t work without them.“, confessed the white captain Sergio Lull at the headquarters of the Community of Madrid. And behind him spoke the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, who did not hesitate to emphasize how great their achievements are. .

“Here we again want to offer the 37th league. It was again a great season that cemented the club’s history with three titles. Thanks to the players and coach Chus Mateo for achieving this while remaining true to the club’s values. Real Madrid have made history this year with their number of wins, ranking 37th in the league. We must acknowledge the work of our basketball director, Juan Carlos Sanchez, as well as Alberto Herreros and Alberto Angulo. playoffs Our coach Chus Mateo won his fifth title in two years. and managed to win all the championships. Congratulations to Captain Llull and Musa for being named MVP, who also knows what it means to win every competition in just two years,” said Florentino Perez.

While on his part, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who received the team’s T-shirt and a copy of the title, assured that Real Madrid is a club that “occupies a third of the signatures in the guest book”, which already speaks for itself about the club’s achievements. “Real Madrid have done it again. I’m honored to have them here again, and it’s no exaggeration to say that they make up over a third of the community’s visitor book. We hope that these weeks of glory will be repeated many times and will remain in the memory of many people. Real Madrid is a way of playing, fighting and winning that leaves no one indifferent.. No Spanish team has ever won the league so many times – 37. Real Madrid are talking about something big. Although the future is yet to be written and in every match and every league life begins anew, so let us strive for new victories,” said Díaz Ayuso, before accompanying the champions to the balcony to hear the mythical greeting from the Puerta del Sol.

Hundreds of people gathered below to sing the praises of their idols, and they returned their love with words of gratitude from Sergio Lullia, Rudi, Facundo Campazzo, Zanana Musa and Chacho, to whom they chanted more than to anyone to stay. What happened again in front of the city hall, where Jose Luis Martinez Almeida this… I didn’t even know what to say!

Look, we politicians love to talk, but you come around so often that I don’t even know what to say., but I hope you will come again. You already have so much that you are not competing with others, but with history. We will give you an apartment in Cibeles because you come more than us,” joked the mayor, who, when it was time to exchange gifts and saw that he had been given a white T-shirt, did not hesitate to joke by saying “one more.” ..”, given what is already known: that his colors are red and white, which he hopes, as he assured in statements to some media after the event, “to also receive them”, although he wanted to continue doing the same with Real Madrid , because it is “good for the city.”

Thus, and provided that the adviser ensures that “I didn’t know the date of Mbappe’s presentation.“The president didn’t tell me, he says he doesn’t know,” Almeida said, an event that now seems routine every year, be it for one title or another for the white team, has come to an end.

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