Rumor: Dakota Fanning will join Marvel in Fantastic Four

Dakota Fanning began her career as a child and was soon labeled one of the most promising actresses of her generation thanks to movies like I Am Sam – 34% and Man on Fire – 39%. Over the years, she has proven to be willing to take risks in various genres, even if some titles did not end up becoming the expected success. Although there was a time when her acting was in the background to give priority to her studies, the interpreter is back with a vengeance and a new rumor indicates that Marvel could be interested in her for one of the most important films. her.

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The Marvel universe is expanding and little by little it has become a safe space for many renowned actors who a decade ago would have hesitated to accept a major role in a superhero film. For many fans, the best stage of the MCU ended with Avengers: Endgame – 95% and the future of the franchise is uncertain and strange, but the truth is that they are in a great moment where they can take advantage of their reputation to build an increasingly strong team that serves to direct new actors, revive the trajectory of others and to strengthen that of those who are already famous.

The acquisition of Fox also served to cause a lot of excitement for possible projects that may be developed within Marvel. More specifically, there is talk of the X-Men franchise and the Fantastic Four, with the latter being a priority for the company. A new adaptation of these heroes has been confirmed for a long time, but things have not progressed that far, or at least those advances have not been made public. Jon Watts decided to step down from directing a few weeks ago and his replacement has yet to be announced.

On the other hand, Reed Richards’ appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 88%, played by John Krasinski, had a very particular impact on fans. The actor and the fans had been waiting for this moment for years, but many were disappointed by the result without taking into account that his cameo, and his destiny in it, are part of a different universe than the UCM and it is still necessary to see the character in action and as a fundamental part of Marvel.

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A new rumor suggests that the project of The Fantastic Four It could be going faster than we think. According to Giant Freakin Robotseveral internal sources assure that Dakota Fanning It is already part of Marvel and although its role has not been confirmed, it is speculated that it will be for this long-awaited production. With this in mind, the most obvious role would be that of Sue Storm and although the age difference with John Krasinski it’s pretty significant it wouldn’t be that far removed from the early comics. In addition, at this time it is still not very clear how and if they will use Krasinski for the role from the beginning, although that would be the most logical thing to do.

In their first appearances, Richards was around 40 years old and Sue was 20 years old, but then the company decided to change things a bit so that their relationship would not look so strange. Thus it was defined that the couple has an age difference of between 12 and 15 years, which is the difference between the actor and Dakota Fanning. In Fantastic Four (2005) – 27%, Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba were separated by 8 years, but technically Richards’ character was older than the actor’s age.

The rumor is definitely possible, but realistically it’s unlikely that Marvel/Disney would take such a high risk in these times by showing a relationship with such a large age difference, especially since Dakota Fanning she continues to be directly associated with her legacy as a child actress. However, the most redeemable here is that everything indicates that the actress is part of the UCM and it will be a matter of time to find out what role she will have in this or another movie.

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